1. GlobalLab invites you to take part in the haiku competition!

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    We have reached our long-awaited summer vacation, a time of interesting trips, long walks, and all kinds of new learning. To celebrate, Global Lab announces a haiku contest on the theme of summer and summer vacations. 

    Write about your summer experiences. The places you visited. What you saw. How you felt. The sun on your face. The choice is yours. GlobalLab will choose three favorite haikus, and their authors will each win an individual GlobalLab subscription.

    The rules are simple:

    1. Carefully read the Report Form for the project, “From Japan to You: Haiku from Around the World," to understand the structure of the haiku.

    2. Make your own haiku glorifying summer and summer vacation.

    3. Fill in the project’s report form.

    The contest will run until September 10, 2015. We encourage you to tell everyone which haikus you like by “liking” your favorite haikus submitted by GlobalLab participants.

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