1. Summer adventure: GlobalLab during summer vacation

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    Now is the time for summer holidays, a time of good weather, friends and plenty of spare time. You can make your summer amazing and memorable taking great scientific expeditions with GlobalLab!

    On an expedition, you can meet and make friends with other GlobalLab explorers, make discoveries, learn new things, and have fun in many interesting ways. This year, GlobalLab offers you two choices for expeditions: sciences and humanities. You choose which you prefer. Each expedition is entertaining and full of mysteries and adventures.

    You can participate in the expedition either as a member of a group or by yourself. Even alone, you launch an expeditionary team with its own name, slogan and logo. The best team, as selected by GlobalLab, will win GlobalLab certificates and prizes.

    Note: For your expeditionary team to be eligible for winning certificates and prizes, you should undertake at least two routes.

    Be sure to invite your friends to vote for the GlobalLab teams. The team that scores the most ‘likes’ will be the face of GlobalLab expeditions for 2016.

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