1. Знакомство со средой ГлобалЛаб

    Узнайте всё самое главное о ГлобалЛаб всего за 12 академических часов

    • Unclear? Ask! We answer.

      Hello, dear participants of the course!

      Our course is designed primarily for your independent work. Such work with various kinds of training rollers underlies modern education and self-development by interactive means of the World Wide Web. However, do not think that you are left to the mercy of fate! All incomprehensible moments can be clarified by asking questions in this blog or directly by a personal message to the curator of the course Zlochevskaya Jana Olegovna . Search for participants and work with personal messages are discussed in the first lesson of the course.

      Although our course is very short, it examines all the possibilities of working in the educational environment of GlobalLab, and you can even try to create your own project based on the research idea you proposed.

      Ask questions right away as soon as you run into something incomprehensible, and let's learn together!

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