1. Hello, We Are

    We’re a global community of explorers who believe learning should be fun and rewarding. We ask questions and answer them together. Discover science, history, and culture. We launch our own projects into what interests us. In GlobalLab, curiosity is unleashed!


    Who comprises the GlobalLab community? Where do other members live? What are they like? What do they like? After all, to be part of a community, you need to know who’s in it.

    Through a series of projects, you’ll solve the mystery of who we are.

    You’ll discover our similarities and differences and the places where we live.

    You’ll also learn how GlobalLab projects work and how to make sense out of what seems to be a lot of different information.

    So how will we answer the question of who we are? How do we even describe a community of people?

    The only way we can accomplish this is by working together.

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