• General Information

    • What is GlobalLab?

      First and foremost, GlobalLab is a place where you learn and have fun. More specifically, GlobalLab is:

      1. A web-based learning environment for students, parents, teachers, and scientists from all over the world;
      2. A virtual playground where you can learn more about the world around you;
      3. A new model of online education that enables collaborative, crowdsourced research projects;
      4. An investigative community that proposes challenging questions and then answers them.
    • What does GlobalLab do?

      The short answer is we make learning fun. We give expression to curiosity.

      A longer answer is we offer an educational environment (www.globallab.org) that is dedicated to collaborative investigative learning. The GlobalLab platform uniquely integrates project-based learning, cloud-based data analysis, crowdsourcing, ICT instrumentation, IT solutions, and advanced pedagogical approaches. It allows for challenging and engaging research projects in which participants discover, learn, and build skills.

    • Who created GlobalLab?

      The GlobalLab concept—international, collaborative, online learning for students—was first advanced in 1991 by Russian scientist Dr. Boris Berenfeld and renowned American physicist and researcher, Robert Tinker. In 1991–1995 at MIT’s famous Center for Information Systems Research, Berenfeld and Tinker pioneered a web-based high-school Earth science course. This course fully leveraged the Internet of the day to engage pupils from all over the world in collaborative research projects. It was successfully tested in 600 schools in 30 different countries and received enthusiastic acclaim from such leading journals and magazines as Science, Fortune, Wired, and Electronic Learning. Russian pedagogical publications, Uchitelskaya Gazeta (Teachers' Newsletter), Director Shkoly (School Principal), and Pervoye Sentiabria (September 1st) also praised GlobalLab.

    • How do I join GlobalLab?

      To join GlobalLab, you must register on our website and complete the GlobalLab Registration Form on the registration page. For more information, please read the Register section of the Support page.

    • Who can become a GlobalLab participant?

      Anyone who is interested in studying the world and participating in collaborative research projects. This includes schoolchildren, parents, teachers, scientists, and educators.

    • What is available to unregistered users?

      Unregistered users can browse the contents of the GlobalLab website, but cannot participate in projects and discussions, or submit “likes.” They may access the catalog of projects and ideas, project information, and some of the accompanying materials (investigation protocols, Report Forms, project-related discussions, and project blogs). They also can see the profiles of registered users and access the information available on our Home and Support pages.

    • What is available to registered users?

      A registered GlobalLab user has full access to all key resources and capabilities of the GlobalLab portal, including the ability to participate in GlobalLab projects, take part in discussions, propose and debate ideas, suggest and publish projects, express opinions, submit “likes,” etc.