• Level, Power, Points, and Likes: what are these?

    • What is Score?

      When authors create new content and receive “likes” from other participants, they earn score points. A certain number of score points allows a user to move up to the next level.

    • What is Power?

      Power is a word used to mean the users’ ability to perform certain actions such as designating “likes”, generating project ideas, etc. Performing such actions causes you to lose Power points. You need a certain period to restore your maximum Power at current level.

    • What is Level?

      "Level" indicates a users’ rate of engagement in the GlobalLab community and their progress. Users who have just registered start on Level 1. As they progress in gaining score points (see What is Score?), their level increases

      LevelRequired Score PointsMaximum Power Points
    • What is the score tab and where is it?

      The score tab is where you will find information about your Power, Level, and Score; it is located below your user picture on your profile page.

    • When will I reach next level?

      You reach next level when you have a certain score. To reach the 2nd level you need to have 100 score points, for 3rd – 300 score points and so on. When you reach new level, your Power is immediately renewed to the maximum available at current level.

    • How can I gain score points? When do I lose my Power?

      You can gain score points by two ways: either creating your own projects and ideas, or receiving “likes” to your materials from other participants.

      You lose your Power points when you are involved in community life: creating your projects and ideas, “likes” to Report forms and projects, etc. If you don’t have enough Power, you cannot make such action. Check the table below to see what actions bring you new Score Points and/or take off some Power Units:

      ActionScore points you’ll earnPower points you’ll lose
      You liked a project05
      Somebody liked your project100
      Your project was published*300
      You submitted your project for a pre-publishing moderation050
      You liked a unit05
      Somebody liked your unit100
      You liked an idea01
      Somebody liked your idea30
      You submitted an idea1030
      A project based on your idea was developed and published150
      You liked a Report Form03
      Somebody liked your Report Form50
      You submitted a Report Form50
      You liked a message in a project’s Author’s Blog or Discussion page of a project03
      Somebody liked your message in a project’s Author’s Blog or Discussion page of a project50
      You submitted a message to Discussion page of a project53
      You liked a message in Discussion page of a project
      Somebody liked your message
      You left a comment in a project Discussion
      Someone you invited to GlobalLab has registered on GlobalLab web site100

      You can earn extra points by participating in featured activities and projects like Project of the Week. Follow our News page!

    • When do my Power be restored?

      You need a certain period to restore your maximum Power at current level. Approximately, it takes about a week to restore Power from zero to its current maximum. The speed of Power restoration is the same even if you still have few Power points.

    • Why do I need other participants' “likes”? Should I “like” other members and, if yes, why?

      Content authors earn score points if their work is “liked” by other participants.

      Attention: What differentiates GlobalLab from other social networks is that in GlobalLab you have limited number of “likes”. It is limited by your current Power.

      When a GlobalLab user hands out “likes,” his or her power depletes accordingly. This is to ensure participants feel strongly about projects when they “like” them.

      “Liking” someone’s work is not mandatory, but by doing so, you further the development of the GlobalLab community and support talented authors (projects with more “likes” rise to a higher position). Apart from that, the exchange of “likes” is an important part of the of the collegial relationships among the GlobalLab members. To submit a “like,” click on the I like this button located either under the project description or under the idea page.