• Group of Users

    • What is a group?

      GlobalLab participants can be joined together in groups. They can be joined in a group by interests, because they are friends in real or virtual life, or because they are classmates.

    • Who can create groups?

      Any GlobalLab participant (registered user) can create groups. The Create a group button is on My Profile page under Edit Profile button.See the section How do I Create Groups?

    • How can I invite members to join my group?

      After you create a group, you can invite members to join your group.Go to My Profile and click on the pencil symbol next to the group picture. In a new window click on Invite Members. Then enter emails or GlobalLab usernames, click on Search, and check those you want to invite and click on Invite. The invitations to join your group will be sent to GlobalLab registered users via private messages on our website. If you entered email address(es) of those who are not yet registered at GlobalLab, the system will send email invitations to them requesting they register at GlobalLab and join your group. After registration, such a participant receives invitation just as do those who are already registered at GlobalLab. Participants who accept invitations are shown in the group member list.

    • How do I create groups?

      Sign in and click on your username in the upper right corner. Now click on My Profile and go to your profile page. On the left side of your profile page look for the Create a group button. In a new window click on the pencil symbol and start creating your group:

      • enter group name
      • upload group picture
      • click on OK.

      Done! You have created a group and you are now the leader of this group. The group logo and name is visible on your profile page.

      As the group leader you have editing privileges– look for the pencil symbol next to the group picture.

    • Where can I see all my groups?

      Go to My Profile. You can see all the groups you created or are a member of on this page.To edit groups you need to be a leader of these groups. You are always the leader of groups you create.Leaders of other groups can make you a leader of their group as well. You can edit both types of groups.

    • Why does one need to create groups?

      If you prefer to do a project together with your friends or classmates and then submit your findings as a group, you can do that by creating a group and then choosing this option before submitting your Report Form.

    • How can I browse group profiles?

      You can open a group profile by clicking on the group name or picture in a participant profile. On a group page you will see group leader(s), group members, and projects in which the group has participated or is currently participating in. You can see group members on the map or as a list.

    • How do I delete members from my group?

      Go to Group Editing mode, click on the pencil symbol, select member(s) you want to delete from the group, and then click on the X symbol in the right margin and confirm that you really want to delete selected member(s).

    • How can I add leaders to my group?

      Switch to Group Editing mode (the pencil symbol). Invite member(s) to the group. If the GlobalLab participant accepts a group invitation, his/her GlobalLab name will appear in the group member list. Select member(s) you want to make leaders of this group. Open the dropdown menu next to member names and select Leader. You can change group member status at any time.

    • What rights does a group leader have?

      A group leader can edit the group name and picture, invite and delete members, as well as change member status from member to leader (and vice versa).

    • How can I join a group?

      There two ways you can join a group:

      1.By sending a request to join a group


      2. By accepting an invitation to join a group from the group leader.

      To send a request to join a group:

      1. Go to the group page

      2. Click on the Join to the group green button below the group description.

      3. Confirm by clicking Ok.

      Your request will be sent to the group leader for approval.

    • How do I accept or decline a group invitation?

      If you are a registered GlobalLab user the new invitations to join groups are seen in the red square next to your username in the right top corner of the webpage. Click on the red square and you will see the list of group invitations.From here you can

      • go to the group page by clicking on the group name
      • accept invitation
      • decline invitation

      If you accept a group invitation, your GlobalLab name will appear in the group member list and the group name and picture will appear in your profile.

    • How do I edit my group?

      You can edit a group only if you are a leader of that group. You can edit group information by clicking on Manage this Group on the group page or by clicking on the pencil symbol next to the group picture on your profile page.