• What if I need to use someone else’s materials

      Ideally, project authors will use only their own materials.

      Should you decide to use another author’s content, please check the copyright regulations in your country.

      In general, when using photos, videos, images, photographic reproductions, and illustrations that are not yours, you need to follow some rules:

      1) some items may be in the public domain

      2) some may require identification of an online resource hosting the image

      3) and some may require written consent from the image owner.

      If you use text written by someone else, make sure it is relevant to your investigation and provide at least the author’s name and the year the text was published. The author’s name must be mentioned because we cannot infringe on someone else’s authorship.

      Please note that in accordance with the GlobalLab User Agreement, each user is personally responsible for any and all breaches of the rights of authors and other third parties.