• GlobalLab paid subscriptions

    • What’s under the Purchase tab in the main menu?

      Under the Purchase tab in the main menu you can choose between the two of GlobalLab paid subscriptions:

      • GlobalLab Advanced
      • GlobalLab Pro

      Payments are supported by PayPal.

    • What will I get if I purchase a GlobalLab subscription? What are the differences between plans?

      Basic features of GlobalLab are always free for any registered user:

      • you can participate in GL projects and their discussions;
      • browse and work with projects findings;
      • publish 1 your own project;
      • submit unlimited number of ideas.

      If you want to upgrade and get access to more features, here is what GlobalLab paid subscriptions can offer you:

      Plan GlobalLab Advanced is perfect for the curious ones who like to be challenged:

      • publish more public projects
      • create private projects
      • create, store, and print a subscriber’s portfolio that records participant’s activity, progress, and awards
      • receive GL’s online tutoring and support, webinars 
      • export projects’ findings to popular format

      Plan GlobalLab Pro is tailored to meet the needs of schools and/or groups of students and to assist teachers and educators:

      • from 30 students (per class) to 500 students (per school)
      • school profile page: portfolio of achievements of school/class/team
      • monitor students’ activities and learning progress
      • receive GL’s online consulting sessions on technical and methodological issues
      • services included into GlobalLab Advanced plan for members granted with license from the school page
    • I have problems paying with PayPal. What should I do?

      Please contact our support team at support@globallab.org

    • How many subscriptions can I buy? What is a subscription start date?

      You can purchase unlimited number of subscriptions.

      Subscription’s start date is the date of purchase.

    • Where can I see my current subscription plan and its expiration date?

      You can see your current subscription plan either in your user profile or go to the Purchase page form the main menu.

      The expiration date for a paid subscription can be found at the bottom of a plan description.

    • How can I renew my GlobalLab subscription?

      You can renew your paid GlobalLab subscription from the Purchase tab:

      1. Go to the Purchase page from the main menu.

      2. Look for the Renew button for your current plan.

      3. Select details for your renewal.

      4. Click the Renew button.

      5. Accept the Terms of Purchase and choose the start date of your renewal.

    • What happens to my projects, groups and schools when my subscription expires?

      All the projects you published prior to your subscription expiration date will remain active on the website.

      Your schools and groups will also remain active but you won’t be able to edit or manage them until you renew your subscription.

    • Can I buy a subscription for another user?

      Yes, you can.

      Just instead of Buy click on the Give a gift button and provide information about that user (name and email address).

    • Someone bought me a subscription. How can I start using it?

      When someone else pays for your subscription, you should receive an email with that information and an activation code.

      Go to the Purchase page, click on the Subscription activation link at the bottom of the page and enter the activation code.