• Project idea

    • What is a Project idea?

      Project idea is a problem, a puzzle or a question worth researching in a future project.

      Any GlobalLab user can suggest an idea.

      Any GlobalLab user can develop a project based on such an idea.

    • Where can I see all the ideas?

      You can browse all the ideas on the Ideas page from the website main menu.

    • How can I propose an idea?

      Go to the Ideas page and click on the Suggest an idea button.

      The Idea Builder will guide you through all the fields required for the idea submission.

      Fill in all the fields and click Save.

      Your idea will be added to the Ideas page.

    • Where can I find my ideas?

      You can browse all your ideas either from your profile page or just run a search for your idea title on the Ideas page.

    • How can I edit or delete my idea?

      You can edit or delete your idea as long as there are no comments or “Likes” to it.

      Open your idea page and look for the Edit and Delete buttons in the upper right corner of the page.

      Click on the Edit button to make changes and then the Save button.

      To delete your idea, click on Delete and then Ok

    • How can I create a project based on an idea?

      Open the idea page, click on the Create a project button to open a new project draft in the Project Builder.

      Some of the fields in the draft will be automatically filled in with the information from the idea page. You can keep it, delete or edit it as you go on working on the project draft.