• Registration

    • How do I register with GlobalLab?

      Click on the Registration button (either on our homepage or in the drop-down menu available under Sign In in the upper right corner of every page). Alternatively, you can simply follow this link to our Registration page.

      The required fields are email address, username, and password. If you have a referral code, print it into the correspondent field.

      After filling out the form, click on the Register button. You will be asked to accept User agreement. You will receive an email with an activation code and a link. Click on the link to complete the registration process.

    • What is referral code and where can I receive it?

      Refferal code is a digital code that you can receive from a GlobalLab representative or participant. If a GlobalLab participant invites you, click on the link that you received from him/her and a referral code will be generated automatically.

    • What is the user registration activation?

      This is the last step for completing the registration process. Simply follow a link with an activation code. The link and the code are sent to a prospective user in an email right after the user submitted the Registration Form (see the above section). If you do not receive an email within one hour, check your spam folder

    • I received the email containing an activation code but it doesn’t work. What should I do?

      Most likely, your activation verification time of 7 days has lapsed. If your activation verification time has lapsed, write to our support staff support@globallab.org and we’ll help you.

    • What should I do if an activation email never arrives?

      If you do not receive an email within one hour and it is not in your spam folder, most likely you committed a typo in your email address during your registration procedure. Please allow 7 days (the waiting period for registration verification) and then repeat the registration procedure. Alternatively, you can contact our support staff (support@globallab.org) and request repeat registration. If you request repeat registration, be sure to provide your correct email address.