• GlobalLab Users’ Rights and Responsibilities

    • What rights and responsibilities do GlobalLab users share?

      All users have the right to upload their data (observations and measurements) onto a common project database as well as access and study the data provided by other project participants. Members of the GlobalLab community can take part in project-related discussions and publish materials developed during the course of an investigation.
      Any registered GlobalLab user can author and publish up to three projects on the GlobalLab website.

      While working on a project, all users must respect other participants such as students, teachers, educators, and researchers, regardless of their age or administrative position. For more information on the rights and responsibilities of GlobalLab registrants, please read the GlobalLab User Agreement (Policies and Procedures).

    • What are the rights and responsibilities of a Project Author and a Project Facilitator?

      Project Authors and Project Facilitators are responsible for project themes (topics and ideas), correct text (grammar, spelling, etc.), and checking that project participants submit Report Forms that follow project Protocol.

      Project Authors and Facilitators have exclusive rights to upload posts in the “Author’s Blog” section of the project; such articles should be in sync with the project topic, provide interesting facts and supporting materials, provide analyses of the current participants’ progress, give comments on their findings, etc.

      Project Authors and Facilitators can send comments to participants regarding their Report Forms, can delete Report Forms if they do not follow the investigation protocol or violate the User Agreement, and they can delete participant messages on the “Discussion” page if they violate the User Agreement.

    • Do educators (teachers/instructors) enjoy any special rights and/or privileges?

      GlobalLab treats the following professionals as educators: schoolteachers, college and university professors, coaches, trainers, tutors, and instructors. To register as an educator, one has to check the specific box in the registration form. Once registered, educators will have additional privileges such as access to special methodological and teaching materials.

    • Who can delete projects?

      Authors can remove their own projects at the draft stage before publication. But once your project has been published, only GlobalLab moderators can remove it. The reasons for removal include: breach of the User Agreement, factual mistakes, and other issues that cannot be addressed.