• User Profile

    • How do I access my User Profile?

      Sign into GlobalLab. Your username will then appear in the right upper corner of any page of the website. Click on it to open the drop-down menu and then select My Profile or Edit Profile. You may also access your profile from the map on the Community page.

    • What is a User Profile and do I need to complete it?

      The User Profile is your personal page, with your username and user picture, preferred language(es), favorite school subjects and interests, your status (student or educator), etc. Every registered GlobalLab user has one. Completing your User Profile is not mandatory but is definitely encouraged. User Profile data can be used to identify your location on the GlobalLab world map and to further develop the GlobalLab community. User Profile data can also be used to find collaborators for projects and participants with similar interests.

    • How do I fill in or edit my User Profile?

      Sign into the site. You will then see your username in the upper right corner of the page. Click on your username and a drop-down menu will appear. Select Edit Profile. This will take you to the editing page where you can either change or supplement your personal information: your GlobalLab name, your languages, favorite subjects, interests, education, icon, etc.

      If you are on My Profile page already, in the lower part of the screen (under the map and user picture), there is another Edit Profile button. Click on it if you want to change or supplement your personal information. 

    • Why do I need to complete Your GlobalLab Name and "Provide a descriptive name"?

      Your GlobalLab Name and Provide a descriptive name that will appear in your GlobalLab work are, in effect, your username. It will appear when you participate in blogs and discussions; it will be used as your signature for authoring projects and ideas. Besides your name will be on the GlobalLab map.

    • Why do I need to show my geographical location?

      The simple answer: By submitting our geographical location when we join GlobalLab, we can see where we are located in relation to the larger GL community.

      But there‚Äôs much more: To conduct investigations and understand their findings, it is often very important to know where the data came from. Then we can see patterns and trends and develop deeper understandings. For example, if we submitted the average rainfall of our communities without geographical locations, we could determine the average rainfall for all of us and the extremes. But learning would be limited. When we know our locations on the world map, we provide a context for our data. This lets us dig deeper into understanding average rainfall. Does how far north communities are located impact rainfall? Or how close or far away they are from oceans? We can explore why some locations have greater rainfall than others.