• For Parents and Caregivers

    • Dear parents and guardians,
      We remind you that you accept full responsibility for registering your child (or a child under your care) with GlobalLab.
      Predominantly, our users are:

      • Schoolchildren
        • Elementary-school students, aged 6–10
        • Middle-school students, aged 11–15
        • High-school students, aged 16–17
      • Teachers and educators
        • School teachers
        • Afterschool and vocational training educators and instructors
        • Summer school/summer camp instructors
      • Scientists/researchers
      • Parents

      It is GlobalLab’s mission to provide its users with maximum protection against all kinds of unwanted or inappropriate behavior and materials. Our specially-trained moderators constantly track all communications on each and every segment of our platform.

    • If, for some reason, you decide to terminate your child’s participation in GlobalLab, we shall, at your first request, close your son’s/daughter’s account. To request account termination, please contact us at abuse@globallab.org.

      Please specify the account number, reason(s) for termination (if possible), and your contact telephone number(s). Our specialists will contact you shortly to clarify the details and remove your child’s registration information. Such procedure is necessary to protect the accounts against infringements by unscrupulous individuals who, while not legally representing a minor, desire to unlawfully restrict a minor’s access to our services.

      Our moderators work promptly and effectively. However, if, by any chance, you discover on our website, our pages on Facebook, Twitter etc. any indication of unlawful or inappropriate activity and/or conduct (whoever the perpetrator may be), such as offending Project participants, using offensive or vulgar language and the such, please contact us immediately via e-mail, abuse@globallab.org. We appreciate your cooperation and are grateful for the assistance you provide.

      We would also be grateful if you e-mailed us in case you have any questions and/or complaints.