• User Agreement

    • The articles of the present User Agreement (hereinafter Agreement) are mandatory for all subscribers of the GlobalLab Platform (hereinafter GlobalLab) including those who registered prior to execution of the present document. Various segments, portions, and forums of GlobalLab may amend the present Agreement by inclusion of additional rules to further detail users’ conduct requirements. The Agreement can be unilaterally amended by the GlobalLab Administration (hereinafter Administration). When and if the Agreement is amended, the new version takes effect once it has been published on the GlobalLab website. All changes and novations to the Agreement are implemented considering the best interests of the users.

    • 1. Registration on the GlobalLab website

      1.1. A legal representative takes full responsibility for registering a minor on the site. By registering on the GlobalLab website, a user states that he/she is either a legally capable adult or a parent/legal guardian/lawful representative of an underage minor. A lawful representative shall be held legally liable, in accordance with the laws of the land, for all actions and conduct of a minor committed on the GlobalLab Platform. In the instance of a reasonable suspicion than no adequate parental control is exerted, the Administration reserves the right to terminate users’ registration without showing cause.

      1.2. To be registered, a user is obligated to provide a valid e-mail address, login, and password.

      1.3. The choice of username is the sole discretion of the user. However, the Administration reserves the right to discontinue utilization of a username if it promotes or copies trademarked names or brand names, interferes with common moral and ethical norms, and/or is offensive to other GlobalLab users. Prohibited is utilization of usernames so close and/or similar to already existing usernames as to be potentially misleading to other GlobalLab users.

    • 2. Protection of personal information

      2.1. To protect users’ privacy and prevent unwanted conduct against them, all users are advised to abstain from publically posting or transmitting their private information on the GlobalLab website. These include: first and last name, telephone number, date of birth, email address, home address, and the family/social/financial standing of the users as well as other individuals. GlobalLab Administration guarantees confidentiality of the information divulged at the time of registration.

      2.2. Registrations of users who have been inactive for a period of one year or longer may be terminated at the discretion of the Administration.

      2.3. Users agree that any personal or private data that they submit to a GlobalLab Project (generally in Project Report Forms) in which they are participating is done voluntarily. Moreover, said data may be analyzed, shared, and published on the GlobalLab website for the sole purpose of conducting the investigation.

      2.4. All users themselves have to take precautions to prevent third-party access to their private GlobalLab accounts and/or their account password(s).

      2.5. It is expressly forbidden to allow third parties to use one’s sign-in information (username and password).

      2.6. All users are obligated to notify the Administration immediately about every instance of unauthorized utilization of the user’s registration information and/or any threat to the safety of the site.

      2.7. Users have the right to upload their or their legal representatives’ pictures (photos or types of avatars) as a part of their registration information. Users expressly guarantee that the abovementioned images are their private possessions and do not infringe on any copyrights or other legally protected rights. Should this stipulation be breached, the guilty party’s registration will be immediately terminated.

    • 3. Posting messages and initiation of Projects

      3.1. We prefer to address you or your child by your proper name.

      3.2. A Project can be published on the site only after it has been reviewed and approved by GlobalLab Moderators.

      3.3. Participation in our Projects enables you to get first-hand access to the GlobalLab online community. That is to say, communicate with other users about topics of your interest, discuss and debate Projects on blog(s), and ask our experts for their guidance and advice.

      3.4. Any registered GlobalLab user can author and publish one project on the GlobalLab website. A project’s Author automatically becomes its Facilitator and thus accepts full responsibility for the project’s progress and decorum. The title of every project has to be informative and clearly communicate the core meaning of the topic under investigation.

      3.5. The Author of every Project explicitly guarantees that all materials, including text and audiovisual, used in the Project either belong to him/her or have been deployed without infringing upon the authors’ and/or any other civil rights of third parties. Individuals utilizing any materials (literary, musical, photo, graphics, software, and all other kinds of intellectual property) infringing upon the authors’ or other types of rights of third parties bear sole responsibility for their actions. In case of reasonable suspicion of plagiarism or any other infringement, the materials will be removed without any prior warning.

      3.6. Should any materials be placed on the GlobalLab site to be publically observed and used, a user gives GlobalLab, LLP his/her explicit, nonrefundable, continuous, irrevocable, nonexclusive right to use such materials, reproduce them, remake them in any material form, circulate them, publicly perform and publicly show them, publish them, translate them into foreign languages, and localize/adopt them for users in other countries.

      3.7. It is forbidden to initiate similar topic discussions in multiple Project blogs or forums. Repetitive Projects may be removed by the Administration.

      3.8. Users understand that data they submit for one Project may be used and cross-referenced by one or more other Projects when appropriate.

      3.9. It is expressly forbidden to offend users of the GlobalLab website in any way or fashion and engage in any form of inappropriate/wrongful conduct while using the GlobalLab Platform. The violators of the latter rule shall receive two initial warnings, after which their accounts will either be blocked for the period set by the Administration or the user will be subject to a “read only” mode of operation.

      3.10. Users are prohibited from placing any and all types of advertisements, including hidden advertisements, anywhere on the GlobalLab Platform. The list of forbidden items also includes links to other digital or electronic resources, as well as all varieties of advertisements related to buying, selling, or exchanging goods and/or services. It is additionally forbidden to imitate the look, feel, and specific functionality of the GlobalLab website.

      3.11. Under no circumstances should the following be discussed and/or mentioned on any GlobalLab resource: advocacy of alcohol, narcotic substances, smoking, all forms of violence, inculcation of religious and/or political beliefs, pornography, offensive and/or abusive conduct toward any and all categories/groups/associations/classes of people, and all other themes and topics forbidden by the laws of the land.

      3.12. The Administration does not welcome initiation of, and participation in, discussions of topics extraneous to Projects and Investigations conducted on the GlobalLab Platform.

      3.13. Furthermore, it is forbidden to use third-party software that enables interception, collection, storage, and gathering of data uploaded onto and/or transmitted through the GlobalLab Platform.

    • 4. Contacts and relations between users and the Administration of GlobalLab

      4.1. In its conduct, GlobalLab is guided by the common sense, present rules, policies, procedures, and laws of the Russian Federation.

      4.2. The Administration expressly reserves the right to terminate any and all accounts and topics that breach the laws of the Russian Federation and the present Agreement. Additionally, the Administration shall terminate topics, accounts, and other content that contain vulgar or offensive language and/or is offensive to the users of GlobalLab. Termination is the sole discretion of the Administration. At any time, the Administration is free to suspend or cancel any user’s registration, impose limitations upon any user’s account privileges, and terminate any user’s access to GlobalLab should the user breach the present Agreement.

      4.3. It is categorically forbidden to discuss the actions and conduct of the Administration on any forums or with regard to any topic. Users will use the Feedback Page to communicate with the Administration.

      4.4. In case any questions or problems arise, please contact the Administration via our Feedback Page.

      Any and all materials published on the GlobalLab Platform can be used and/or copied exclusively with reference to GlobalLab. The one and only exception shall be made for the prearranged instances when a third party’s copyrighted materials are utilized.

      The information for parents and/or legal representatives of GlobalLab users is here. The Administration reserves the right to use GlobalLab webpages for the purpose of advertisement and dissemination.

      The users may report all violations of the present Agreement via e-mail abuse@globallab.org. All complaints shall be carefully reviewed by the GlobalLab Administration and Moderators, who may, on their own accord, block such reports.