1. A Tour of Your Last Summer

    • The contest is finished and here are its results:
      Sergei Katalnikov - Audience Award for the highest number of likes dialed.
      Anna Belova
      - nominated for "Best Picture."
      Emin - "Best story".
      Timothy Dzyuina
      and Jale Jumshudli - consolation prizes in the "HotList edition".

      Detailed story about the outcome of the contest, read the news, see. Results of competition "tour in the summer" .

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    • Dear participants of the contest! You and we now have the opportunity to see what profiles are in the lead, and find your profile in the list. On the "Results" list appeared profiles sorted by Laika. Good luck to all participants!
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    • Dear participants! The contest is to describe in their own words the place where you have visited in the summer - to spend on it excursion. Copied text from the tourist sites will not be counted, and, accordingly, the questionnaire with this text can not be winners in this contest.
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