• However ulitkah Ahatina vol.

      Achatina - nocturnal animals. Awake at night, closer to the night. The temperature in the terrarium should not fall below 25 degrees and rise above 30 degrees. (Ideal temperature of 26-27 degrees).
      Humidity should be 75-85%. (To maintain humidity spray the walls of the cage and the ground once or twice a day.)

      HOUSE FOR Achatina.
      Content suitable for snails plastic container or glass aquarium. Necessarily need a cover, it helps to maintain the relative humidity in the terrarium and temperature. The cover is a few holes for ventilation.
      One snail terrarium requires not less than 10 liters. But better, more. After more than a terrarium, the more will grow your Achatina. In the terrarium soil needed. The options are many, but the ideal coconut substrate. Put a layer of soil that would be evidence could completely bury there. No stone, glass, metal, ceramic and other hard objects in the terrarium. In the fall of snail can break your shell pieces. As bowls use plastic or rubber cover, they are safe for snails. Also in the terrarium can be put trough-bathing. Some snails love to swim there, BUT drinkers should not be too deep, that would not close the spiracle evidence, otherwise it can get bogged down.
      Before you put it in a terrarium soil to be treated. Soil treatment.
      1. Rinse well with the substrate so that it would be flowing from the water was clear and had brown.
      2. Calcined soil in the oven, that would kill various parasites that may be present.
      3. Wring out the ground that would bog terrarium was not.
      4. Put a snail in his terrarium.
      Some owners put their pets snails in moss terrarium. How to handle it?
      1. Should be soaked in water for a day. What would all the insects living there tarakashki-surfaced.
      2. Parboiled.
      3. Give cool.
      4. Put the snails in a terrarium.
      Do not forget about the fact that the moss can not notice the ground!

      POWER Achatina.
      It is desirable to put the food in the evening, what would one day it get damaged.
      Snails feed mainly on plant food. Achatina can:
      Fruits: apple, apricot, avocado, banana, pear, grapes, watermelon, melon, peach.
      Vegetables: pumpkin, zucchini, broccoli, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers (sweet).
      Just needed to fertilize the snail. Growing source of calcium and protein is given daily. Adults are a little less.
      Fertilizing necessary snails sepia (cuttlefish shell), Stern chalk (not a school), shell, meat and bone meal, shell eggs, daphnia, gammarus, cereal, bloodworms.
      DO NOT GIVE snail:
      Citrus - if the acid will react with calcium, the burn occurs and mucosal organs may fall. As it is impossible to give a sharp, salty, pepper, roasted, sweet, sour, smoked.

      BATHING Achatina.
      Chlorine is harmful snails from her they foliated shell. Buy, spray the snails should only filtered or boiled water.
      Bathing under the tap is not the best option. More than once people have complained of burns snails due to a sharp jump in the water temperature. Just tap water is chlorinated and contributes to the destruction of seashells.

      HOW TO TAKE Achatina in Hand?
      Do not pull the snail shell for. Why? Snails are glued to the walls of the cage as suckers. And if you strongly pull the shell, you can pull it out of the cochlea.
      So take Achatina hands very carefully.
      1. Sprinkles water snail.
      2. Palmed off finger pug water snails.
      3. Carefully take off without damaging growth.
      Cochlea can not be taken for a zone of growth! Damaging growth you leave ugly scars on the shell, which in the future will spoil the view of the cochlea.
      Not worth the extra time on your hands to take the snail. Unaccustomed to the hands ulitenok receive stress and may slow growth.
      Mandatory rule - my hands before and after contact with a snail!

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