1. Бумажные фантазии

    • The first results of the project

      Dear participants of the project "Paper Fantasy"! Many thanks for your crafts and profiles.

      The first results of the project showed that girls aged 7-10 years are most engaged in manufacturing handicrafts made of paper; our members use for their products colored paper, glue, paper for printers, etc. Crafts used for interior decoration, as gifts, to participate in competitions and exhibitions, etc.. Our participants like what they do in the end. That's great!

      Now the feast of February 23 and March 8.

      February 23 - Defender of the Fatherland Day. On this day, we remember with gratitude those who defended their homeland from invaders, as well as those serving in the army in peacetime. Congratulate February 23   not only military but also all men - dads, grandfathers, brothers, friends and acquaintances. In the evening, in many cities of our country are dealt volleys fireworks. Try to make crafts to this glorious holiday.

      By the 8th of March (holiday for all girls, girls, women) can also prepare souvenirs made ​​of paper and share with us the secrets of their production. Looking forward to your work look!

      Photo Shoot

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