1. Что человек подсмотрел у природы?

    • Mysterious pile ...

      Mysterious pile up to 15 meters in diameter and up to 6 meters in height - is incubators, which are stored inside the egg hen weed. Weed chicken is unique in that it is the only bird that does not build a nest and incubates the eggs. Males weed chickens dig holes to a depth of one meter and 2.5 meters in diameter, is poured over them huge piles of garbage, in which the female lays eggs. Garbage begins to decompose. At the same time in a heap allocated enough heat to the eggs hatched. The male weed chicken can adjust the temperature in the pile, adding a touch of garbage, the temperature increased, or raking the debris to reduce the temperature. The male detects the temperature in the heap, dipping its beak into it.

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    • We are looking for an explanation of the strange behavior ...

      Dear participants of the project!

      I propose to consider the behavior of weed chickens, living in Australia and on some islands of Oceania. What do you think, why weed chickens shovel a mound fifteen meters in diameter and in two human growth height, using the earth, sand, humus, leaves and other debris. Is there any explanation for this strange behavior? Are there any analogues of such behavior in the animal world? In connection with what we have proposed this issue for discussion?

      There are many questions. Do not rush to answer once for all. Think, look for information on the internet (do not forget to materials cited references).
      Pictures Source "Weed chickens Australia" http://www.poznavayka.org/zoologiya/sornyie-kuryi/

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