1. Что такое дружба

    • A poem about friendship

      This is such a wonderful poem by the poet Inessa Aheeva I want to share with you.


      It is your blood
      It is not native,
      But always and everywhere
      However, he was with you.

      Will sad if
      Or slay ailment
      Jokes help
      And support each.

      You will discover him
      His secret without fear -
      Loyalty and trust
      Do not crash.

      Without it, the world -
      Like as without hands.
      You Appreciate that close,
      There is a reliable friend.

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    • As Confucius said

      The great Chinese sage Confucius said: "Happiness - it's when you realize the greatest happiness - is when you love, true happiness - is when you love." That friendship with the so! If you show sincere feelings to the man, he will answer you the same. Must be able to be friends. And what do you think?

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