1. Дружно ударились рыбы об лёд...

    • Long-term results

      As is clear from previous entries in the diary researcher, Moscow River became ice-opened in early March, only in the last three years now. In the spring of 2014 March 11 was already clear midstream on our usual place, in 2015, already 9 March the ice came down, and the spring of 2016 again was clean midstream, to March 14th the ice melted completely on 11 March.

      At the same time the previous three years in the same period on the river was a solid ice. We will continue your observations!

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    • Nevsky ice

      This year I was lucky to visit in the spring in St. Petersburg. I went to a conference to talk about GlobalLab and meet with colleagues from St. Petersburg.

      It so happened that on the day of my visit, March 27, 2015, on the Neva went ice. Of course, at first I decided that in the northern Petersburg ice drift occurs much later than in Moscow, and the ice in Moscow this year came down too early. However, that night St. Petersburg friends told that the ice on the Neva too long ago came down, and the ice that I saw - it's the ice of Lake Ladoga with ...

      But the spectacle in any case enormous!

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    • Ice drift, year after year ...

      This year's spring in Moscow very early, and what will be her character, we have yet to learn.

      For comparison, I would like to show you the results of observations over the past few years, which is quite amazing.

      Here is a picture taken at the usual place of observations on the Moscow River March 8, 2011, in the same number as in 2015 the river has thawed the ice, but not yet cleared. Before you sure sledding, neither of which snowmelt and icing even out of the question!

      March 15, 2012, the Moscow River downstream, but in the same area of ​​Moscow. Sitting on the ice fishermen.

      March 19, 2013. The same place that the previous picture, taken a year ago. Again, almost no signs of ice drift, although signs of approaching spring ice already visible. So after the picture is taken much later than the two previous years.

      Nevertheless, March 19, 2013 More ice is strong enough for fishing.

      But in 2014, that is, a year ago last spring. March 11, 2014 we have seen on our site observation of the river the following picture.

      That is, it turns out that it was the last two years the opening of the Moscow River from early April moved to the beginning of March .. We will watch what happens ...

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    • Ice drift on the Moscow River

      Finally, I managed to figure out what in the medium term should be opened ice on the Moscow River. According Гидрометцентра http://ecomos.ru/kadr22/nowostBlank.asp?fajl=new1... Москва-река should be opened ice on average 1-3 April, but recorded not only average long-term time frame, but the terms of early opening of the river - on February 23 and later - on 30 April.

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