1. Есть ли в Вашем городе счастливые места?

    • On Happiness

      Our project successfully startoval.Spasibo all participants. Name of the project is closely linked with the concept of "happiness". We have analyzed your first questionnaire and found that in every city there are happy places that cause positive emotions.

      We offer you more acquainted with the concept of "happiness".

      What is happiness?

      Happiness (pre-Slavic * sčęstje explain from * s- 'good' and * čęst "part", that is "good inheritance" - the human condition, which corresponds to the greatest satisfaction of internal conditions of their existence, completeness and meaningfulness of life, exercise their human purpose (http : //reword.orgTolkovy Dictionary of Russian Dmitry Ushakov)

      State of contentment, happiness, joy of the fullness of life, from meeting zhiznyu.Odnim of the most important aspects of the study of happiness is to find the most favorable conditions for the emergence of the people of this feeling.

      Happiness is formed from a chain of associations and memories that causes the person in connection with a particular event. In the case of habit forming positive group memories a person perceives a greater number of events in his life as pleasant, and therefore more likely to feel happy

      What does a man need to be happy? And anyway, what is this ephemeral state that is difficult to describe, and which is even more difficult to calculate with the help of mathematics? But, as it turned out, you can still count. Happiness - is, of course, the inner, very personal feeling a certain satisfaction, the joy of living.

      Emotions always divalent (have two poles). They are positive or negative. Certain vital properties of objects and situations, causing emotions, the body set up by the corresponding behavior.

      All living organisms tend to initially ensure that they correspond to the needs and whereby these needs can be met. Man acts only when his actions make sense. Emotions are innate, spontaneous alarms these meanings. Cognitive processes form a mental image, representation, and emotional processes provide selectivity behavior. Man strives to do what evokes positive emotions. Positive emotions are constantly being combined with the demands themselves are becoming a necessity. A person begins to need positive emotions and look for them. Then, replacing the need, already own emotions become the impetus to act.

      The most significant positive emotions that are sensation счастья:удовольствие,радость,ликование,восторг,гордость,восхищение,умиление,нежность,блаженство,чувство security. (http: // www. psihologiya / radost-i-drugie-polozhitelnyie-emotsii-2.html)

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