1. Люблю берёзку русскую...

    • Birch - a symbol of invincibility Russia.

      Very little is left before the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, which claimed millions of lives. In this war, we defeated Nazi Germany. And here belostvolnaya birch gave strength to our fighters, she stood, reminding about the favorite wives, brides, sisters ... the soldiers died in the battle for the mothers of the country and ... Russian birch. Here's how to write about this Vasil'ev:

      White birch
      I remember wounded birch
      Shrapnel bombs dawn.
      Icy juice ran like tears
      Shattered by the cortex.
      Forest cannon roared,
      Clubs smoke powder,
      But we defended Capital,
      Saved birch near Moscow.
      And sooner bright and early in the spring,
      White birch again
      Dressed by a new shroud
      And she began to decorate the ground.
      And from that time on all threats
      We always say:
      Native white birch
      In the longer give offense.

      In Russia, has long been the custom: over the grave of the deceased soldier planted birch, his life went in a green flowered dereve.Tiho birch stand at the graves of soldiers. How much they could tell about the terrible tragedy of the Great Patriotic War. This is how one of them is written in a poem M. Seleznev:

      Outside the village, far away, at the crossroads
      Field, barely visible trails
      I learned soldiers birches
      Who have dug the trench itself.
      And involuntarily remembered how moaning
      Branches of their explosions and fire ...
      Those near the birches picked
      Almost alive comrades me.
      Since then, with the love of Beryozki
      "Speak to me often fighters:
      "You would not prevail against the evil death,
      You would have serious injuries not suffered,
      If we will not watered
      Bright tears of birches. "

      Thank native birch for the Great Victory!

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