1. Festival of City Sculpture

    • They make us kinder ...

      Cartoons and fictional heroes in urban sculpture

      Today, urban sculpture is becoming more and more unusual creations, the result of the flight of fantasy author. Contemporary sculpture "dobreet" every day. In the stone, bronze, concrete, as well as other materials such are born all your favorite heroes like Bremen musicians, Leopold cat, Pinocchio, etc.

      The main distinguishing feature of the genre urban sculpture is pronounced, underlined the lack of monumentality and democracy throughout. With a view to entering into an organic urban environment objects urban sculpture set without basin and elevation or even a podium. So sculpture more closely approximates to the viewer, thus further positioning yourself. In this kind of sculptures by rarely seeks to perpetuate any historically significant event or person. She has other objects and features: sculpture more appealing sense of humor to it, showing in some cases even irony or sarcasm about the common themes taken directly from everyday life.

      Probably one of the most popular characters in the sculpture are the Bremen Town Musicians. In addition to the main sculpture installed in Bremen (at home musicians), there are others, for example, in Riga, Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk. Despite the common theme sculpture did not like each other. Particularly interesting is the Khabarovsk sculpture. It is a composition of ten freestanding figures, it makes her unusual perception. In particular, it is very popular with the children.

      Sculptors not left unattended and the heroes of the Soviet animated masterpiece "Three from Buttermilk." The most unusual of them installed again in Khabarovsk: cat Matroskin ball and sitting on a bench outside the ordinary, and then everyone can touch the tale.

      There are countless sculptures shrouded different beliefs. For example, in Voronezh has an aluminum sculpture of a kitten in the street Lizyukova executed project sixteen girls. Argued that if the left foot to touch the cat, then grant any wish. Though not do without the unhappy moments - metal fans often leave kitten without a mustache. In Angarsk is a monument to one of the main characters in a fairy tale "There once was a dog," or, as it is called, a monument to happiness. Life to be happy and fulfilled desire, you need to rub the belly wolf.

      Very different interpretations expressed in sculpture, got Gingerbread. Happy dreams come true, it is set in Ulyanovsk, in the suitcase he was put in Donetsk (he stands as a symbol of all travelers), a pair of lovers Koloboks organically look on the waterfront of Dnepropetrovsk. Not less original in this regard and monuments Pinocchio: about Puppet Theatre, in the squares and parks, bronze, stone and even wood.

      Moidodyr, Goldfish, Cat Leopold Kashtanka, Mu-Mu - these and many other characters are immortalized in sculpture. All they make our world a better place, his presence remind all the good that we have. And most importantly, they make us kinder!

      All artists are different, each with its own view of the world, and this diversity of tastes, genres, styles and forms a space in which we live. Contemporary sculpture, urban sculpture, modern monuments tend development. In creative workshops, work continues on the new songs. Each creation wizard should see the light, give us new emotions and joy. All the people who give the world its priceless creations deserve our respect and love.

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