1. Где живет сорока-белобока?

    • Nature's sweet beauty ...

      Image magpie painting Nicholas Tolchenitsyna in the poem the poet Vasily Fedorov Kuzbass


      Magpie - a graceful bird,

      Forty more elegant cuckoo

      And Jay,

      What noisy proud

      His tuft on top.

      Forty - graceful bird ...

      Forty worse than Kochetov,

      Singing his doodle,

      Forty dancing, chatters,

      Signal is applied to man,

      Forty worse than Kochetov ...

      Forty times Ozora,

      But you have to understand w publicly,

      What if forty steals,

      That means forty hungry.

      Forty times Ozora ...

      Soroka as the guardian of the disease,

      Forty prizora as a service,

      It happens much more useful

      Lazy doctors sannadzora.

      Forty - our guard against disease.

      Magpie - a worthy bird

      Forty is not haughty,

      Soroka just to avail seeks

      And all that is useful and beautiful.

      Magpie - a worthy bird.

      Vasily Fedorov

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