1. Глаза – зеркало души

    • Test profile for a rough estimation of the risk of visual impairment

      It is advisable that the test was conducted student parents.

      Instructions expert

      Try to assess the child on the following items using a 4-point scale:

      0 - a sign not expressed (absent);

      1 - a sign of poorly expressed or manifested occasionally;

      2 - a sign of moderately expressed or manifested periodically;

      3 - a sign clearly expressed or manifested constantly.


      1. Reads a lot.

      2. Often reading in poor light or lying down.

      3. More than an hour (an hour for younger students) per day at the computer.

      4. More than two hours (1:00 for younger students) spends a day watching TV.

      5. Reads, writes, "his nose" in the text.

      6. Parents have poor eyesight (wear glasses).

      7. Malnourished (lack of vitamin "A").

      8. There is a tendency of increased blood and / or intracranial pressure.

      9. Carelessly relates to hygiene of not watching eye fatigue.

      10. Has pronounced features of inertia, procrastination, phlegmatic.

      Interpretation of the results: a favorable rate to 10 points, with more than 20 index points the student shall be assigned a risk group.

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    • Why medieval Chinese wore dark glasses, sun protection?

      What functions can perform sunglasses? For example, in China since the 12th century used sunglasses made of flat plates of smoky quartz. They are not protected from sunlight and used to avoid unauthorized views. In particular, these glasses worn during sessions judge that no one in the courtroom could not see their emotions transmitted expression eyes.

      Indeed, the "Eyes - the mirror of the soul"!

      More interesting facts about the eyes on the website "Museum of the facts"

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      Many people avoid eye tests, complaining about lack of money or time, you need to visit a specialist. But soon, these excuses are no longer relevant. American scientists have developed an inexpensive device that allows the smartphone to make high-quality images of the eye.

      Experts promise that after a simple exercise to make a detailed snapshot of the front and rear parts of the eyeball everyone can. The resulting data is transmitted ophthalmologist for detailed study and stored in the electronic medical record of the patient, the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

      Robert Chan, co-author and assistant professor of ophthalmology at Stanford University School of Medicine, calls his design "Instagramom for eyes» (Instagram - application for sharing photos and video). He and his colleagues believe that this technology will be able to make eye care more accessible, and allow doctors to counsel patients at a distance.

      It should be noted that the specialized ophthalmic equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars, and to use it requires serious preparation. In addition, not all inhabitants of the planet have access to such services.

      Using smartphones to monitor the state of true where there is no opportunity to be a full examination by a specialist, or at the time of first aid - says the technology study's lead author and an ophthalmologist David Myung.
      Scientists note that modern smartphones are not only good cameras, but also support high-speed data, so you can send photos to a medical facility for a few seconds. Described in the technology is a step towards a remote health diagnosis, they believe.

      It should be noted that the market already has overhead microscopes for smartphones that can make detailed pictures of eyes, but they are not as convenient to use as a device created by physicians at Stanford University. This is especially important when seconds count.

      The product was created from parts printed on the 3D-printer. The work was published in Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine.

      It is reported that in the near future will be conducted extensive clinical study on the quality of images obtained with the use of new technology. You will then be able to monitor the state of tested eye in people with diabetes.

      Source: http://vk.com/feed?w=wall-46884324_25522

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    • Animals with incredible eyes

      Interestingly, the animals' eyes can be very different in structure and razmeru.Naprimer, nocturnal primates, tarsiers have huge eyes, which are the largest among all mammals in relation to body size.

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