1. How Noisy is Our World?

    • World of Sound - boundless field for amazing discoveries. About it in his famous "Christmas Lectures" said Nobel laureate William Bragg. However, the sound is not always and not immediately amenable to scientific and logical explanation. In the history of mankind knows many examples of acoustic distortion, the origin of which was not fully understood and excites researchers until now. Taossky buzz zone of silence, singing colossus, the sounds of hell - "Theory and Practice" was chosen by 10 intriguing sonic anomalies.

      Taossky hum - the most famous of the unexplained acoustic phenomena. Study it began in 1993, when the inhabitants of the small town of Taos, in the US state of New Mexico, wrote a collective complaint to Congress: it was left low-frequency noise, periodically coming from the nearby desert. The noise resembled the distant sound of whether a volcanic eruption, or movement of loaded trucks on the highway. In the immediate vicinity of Taos no active volcanoes, no big roads. In Taos immediately sent a group of researchers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of New Mexico. Source hum scientists have found, but assumed it - power lines that pass near Taos.

      In 1930 the Mexican aviator Francisco Sarabia surrendered report to his superiors, where reported that during a recent flight over the desert near the municipality Mapimí, Durango had suddenly disappeared radio. Then it's no one paid attention, but since 1970, the problems with the technique in the area on the border of the states of Durango, Chihuahua, and began to repeat Koaila punctually, there fell a rocket broke compasses, failure of navigation devices - and steadily gloh radio. "Zone of Silence" delivered so much trouble, with the result that the National Institute of Nuclear Energy sent there a group of researchers, and they have found that the radio waves in a mysterious desert not extend in the vertical direction - horizontally only, hence there is the effect of "silence". Furthermore, according to scientists, Mexican anomalies can be explained by a high content of magnetite in the soil: it is able to "turn off" devices.

      One of the first on the existence of the singing sands noticed Marco Polo, as in China, and in the diaries of Charles Darwin travel on the ship "Beagle" is mentioned located in the hill of El Chile Bramador - or "Howler". Today there are about forty singing dunes and some - such as dune valley of the Ili River in Kazakhstan - not even had time to become tourist attractions. Sounds made by sands, reminiscent of ritual singing - unintelligible and therefore sufficiently sinister. At the same time in different parts of the world are capable of producing sands different set of notes. Thus, French researchers found that dune in Morocco sings in the range of 105 Hz (G-sharp high octave) and dune in Oman - in the range of 90-150 Hz (from F-sharp to D). This disparity is due, firstly, the size of grains of sand and, secondly, their quantity. And they sing, apparently started when the roll on the surface of the hill, disturbed by the wind, a living being, or tremors.

      After the collapse of the atheist Soviet Union invaded the history of the press in the best traditions of the religious mistizma. One of them occurred during the drilling of the Kola ultradeep well laid down on the centenary of the birth of Lenin. In the early nineties, reaching a depth of 12,000 meters, geologists suddenly heard a noise of a fault: it supposedly guessed cries and moans. Seriously investigate this audio anomaly no one: whether because gosudastva cut funding well, whether because of "Scream" did not recur. Media began to blow, though geologists have discovered in the course of the underworld, and the project manager of the Kola borehole David Huberman, in turn, confirmed that the sounds were indeed, though he did not categorically inclined to explain their infernal theory. In fact, "the cries of sinners" could be quite natural environment: from the deformation of the earth formations and ending microexplosions gas. The sound in the end no one is recorded, and all existing versions are fakes.

      Hum Bristol belongs to the same category of sound anomalies that Taossky buzz: zavklyuchaetsya difference is that, firstly, in Britain it was first recorded much earlier - back in 1970 - and, secondly, here he gives much more inconvenience to those who hear it - and it's about 2 percent of the population. Bristol - a city of industry and monotonous at first sound like the hum of the diesel engine, blamed on plant operation. But over time, the buzz is not only poetry, but even on the contrary, increased. Currently in Bristol and the surrounding area is home to about two thousand people who experience sleep problems due to the continuous pulsing sound. They created the Association of suffering from low-frequency noise and allocated special line helpline. Doctors believe that the causes of the suffering of these people lie in the extreme sensitivity of the ear. On the other hand, to establish where the sound comes from, to which they are so receptive, yet no one could.

      So-called "sounds of the apocalypse" started heard about the middle of 2011, when on the agenda already firmly stood predicted Mayan doomsday. Youtube gives dozens of video on demand «sounds of apocalypse», so scientists for a long time did not want to take into account the phenomenon: that documentary evidence in fact could be viral advertising next sci-fi movie. And yet, in the end, the scientific community to pay attention to the "sounds of the apocalypse." According to researchers from the Global Network of earthquake prediction, hum may be the result of powerful energy emissions that occur either in the bowels of the earth or the sun - to them, for example, are solar flares.

      Two gigantic stone statues, standing not far from Luxor, were built around the XIV century BC in honor of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. According to the records of the Greek historian and geographer Strabo in 27 BC on the territory of modern Egypt was an earthquake, followed by one of the giants - Northern - began in the morning to issue a sound like a plaintive moan. The Greeks immediately concocted a legend that "the singing stone" - a kind of incarnation of Memnon, the hero of the Trojan War, killed in battle with Achilles. Memnon was the son of Eos, the goddess of the dawn - and she persuaded almighty Zeus bring her son to the kingdom of death even in the form of stone, and every time the sky flashed dawn colossus greeted his mother sad exclamation. However, in 199 AD Emperor Septimius Severus ordered to restore all the damaged parts of the statue, and it is, alas, no longer sound. Then it became clear that, most likely, in porous, fractured rock just happens vibration due to large differences in day and night temperatures.

      Since 1991, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NAOO) spotted in Pacific depths of several kinds of low-frequency sounds of unknown origin. The most clear and loud are called «Bloop» - «Roar"; its source is located to the south-west of South America. Another sound was named «Upsweep» - «Ascent": it consists of a number of repetitive sound waves with frequencies rising rapidly. Another sound - «Slow Down», or "slowing down" - lasted more than seven minutes and is repeated annually in the waters north of Easter Island. Total NAOO recorded six such sounds - and still continues to try to find out their nature, parallel engaged in designing new, ultra-sensitive hydrophones. Version - tens, from not yet known to science animals - to the movement of the ice arrays and seismic activity.

      In 1850, shortly before his death, James Fenimore Cooper wrote a story "Lake gun," which featured the anomaly noted by another Indian tribes, according to the Native Americans, over Lake Seneca occasionally heard sounds similar to a booming shot from guns or cannons. Indians themselves felt as if it votes cast Manitou - guardian spirits, but "shot" over the lake heard not only them, but also the colonizers. Over time, this phenomenon is called «mistpouffers» - «mist emissions." Mistpouffers arise not only in North America and Europe, and Australia - and in close proximity to the water bodies. In this regard, geophysics often try to explain mistpouffers or by the collapse of the waves, or gas explosions in underwater caves. Well, meteorites or noise during re-entry, which is best heard near water, simply because there is usually formed relatively pure acoustic background.

      Strictly speaking, there is no sound in space - at least in the form in which they would be able to perceive the unaided human ear. However, there are devices that detect emanating from celestial bodies airwaves. And experts NASA, in turn, are able to convert the radio waves - in sound. Of course, the "song" of the planets can hardly be considered acoustic anomalies in the full sense of the word, but the fact that Saturn's rings are rotated with a shriek, and Jupiter emits a metallic buzz, delights, mixed with horror. "Voice" of the Earth resembles the noise of a jet engine, the "voice" of Neptune - the howl of the wind over the sea, and Uranus, and all could act on the same stage in any band playing Dream pop. By the way, the most ominous sounds emit no planets, and black holes, sharp, wheezing, sometimes turning into squeals.


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    • New noise is brought in a record Guinness Book of Records, the authors record - American football fans, the noise in the arena of the stadium "Arrowhead Stadium" was recorded at 137.5 decibels, which is more than the achievements. New record set the fans of "Kansas City". Previously set the record for the noise in the stadium stood at 136, 6 decibels. www.argumenti.ru
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