1. История страны в новогодних открытках

    • It is safe to say that the cards were pre-revolutionary Russia is no worse than refined modern: they were decorated with dried flowers, beads, sequins from boric acid, which looked like a real snow, and even flavored.

      In the postcards that were intended for individuals, it is embossed decoration and gold or silver crumbs and business Christmas cards have been designed in a simple and simple.

      Data on the first Russian postcards little to separate.

      Some historians believe that the creator of the first Russian Christmas cards was a great artist Nikolay Karazin.

      Some sources say that they were issued in 1898, the community of St. Eugene ("Trustee Committee of the Sisters of Mercy of the Russian-Turkish War").

      Other sources indicate an earlier date appearance of open letters - January 1, 1872.

      Among the subjects of Christmas and New Year's cards prevailing images of old Russian and divination rituals, pine forests and snow-capped peasant hut, gold-domed church, Santa Claus on the top three horses dashing, funny kids and lovely angels.

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    • Vladimir Ivanovich Zarubin - author of 250 greeting cards and more than 70 envelopes, dispersed all over the world millions of copies, most of them - the New Year. He was born in 1925, was the Great Patriotic War, after the course animators worked as an animator at the studio "Soyuzmultfilm". For 25 years Zarubin took part in the creation of 103 animated films, illustrated children's books, worked in other areas. That's why his cards so cheerful and kind.

      The plot of each Christmas cards Vladimir carefully considered before transfer to the paper. Every time creating cards with funny little animals, Vladimir Ivanovich hoped that they may be, will help people become a little kinder.

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