1. Как мы учимся?

    • Entering the home stretch!

      Left behind the longest and hardest third quarter. Not far off the summer holidays. It is time to take stock of our progress!

      Today, of the 317 participants in the project, 185 - a comprehensive school pupils, 55 - Gymnasium. The main participants in the project - 5th grade students, followed by 6, 7, 3 and 4 classes. There are more participants from the 8th grade. A little behind the kids of 1 and 2 classes. Pleasing appearance of high school students from grades 10 and 11. They were able to find time in his busy schedule preparing for the exam. Here is a mixed-age community we've got!

      But in terms of academic achievement - we are one, we are done! 255 participants learn from the "good" and "excellent". They love to learn, they have the ability to do so, they were lucky with the teachers, and the school and home environment located to learning. In 49 participants "skips" troika, because it does not always work and therefore do not really want to learn. And we deuce "declared the fight!"

      Most of the project participants (261), believe that GlobalLab helps them learn! That's what they say about the participants of the project:

      ... Work in the Global Lab is helping me to expand and improve their knowledge;

      ... I really like it because it helps me to learn. I do a lot of projects that I like, and learn a lot of new and interesting;

      ... In GlobalLab interesting projects investigating accounting learn something new and to use all their skills and capabilities. This develops my horizons and opens up new talent in me. In GlobalLab I like to take part in competitions, because I like to win;

      ... At first I thought it was boring. But when I started to work on this site I was immediately interested. GlobalLab though time consuming, but I'm still working on it. Thanks to the creators of this wonderful site!

      On this optimistic note and finish! With GlobalLab easier to become victorious over laziness and himself! Together we will learn better!

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    • The draft study interesting!

      So ended the first quarter of the new school year. What it was for all the participants in the plan GlobalLab Achievement - successful or not? Is there a relationship between school performance and work in GlobalLab? We checked it and that's what we've got!

      • Most participants of 5, 6, 4 and 7 classes. There's just a baby doshkolyata eg from "Sunshine" , and there offering experienced, for example, the fourth-VPO from Yekaterinburg .
      • Basically it is the students of secondary schools (87), high schools (28) schools with intensive study of specific subjects and public educational institutions.
      • 80% of project participants learn to "good" and "excellent"! And that's because they were lucky with the teachers, they are hardworking, have good ability, they like to go to school, and many (23) helps the project GlobalLab.
      • 20% of respondents, learn a little weaker, according to the participants of the project, the main reason is the absence of desire, ability and a variety of other reasons.
      • 56% globallabovtsev - beginners, they project a little longer - a week or a month, it may be so among students quite a bit sponsors, only 14. But the idea is! And if you have ideas and projects will be soon!
      • According to the majority of respondents (110 -75%), GlobalLab helps tuition! Thanks GlobalLab we learn a lot of new and interesting, it gives the opportunity to express themselves, you can find friends and to spend time. The draft study interesting!
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