1. Какого цвета буквы?

    • Color matching in fiction

      Despite the fact that poetry is very individual, every poet is original and does not look like another, AP Zhuravlev says: "... they all use the same sounds of the Russian language" .A.P. Zhuravlev cites an example comparing a poem by Tarkovsky's "Lilacs you, lilac ..." and Voznesensky "Lilac Moscow - Warsaw". As a result, concludes that in both poems is dominated by purple "U" and the dark blue "Y" in equal proportions. "So zvukotsvetovye compliance in the subconscious of various poets similar. How could it be otherwise? Is it possible to imagine that the vast majority of carriers of one language sounds painted one way and for any so they have other colors? Indeed, in this case zvukotsvetovoy effect created in the verses of the poet, will not be accepted by the subconscious mind of most readers'

      However, the Russian poet Andrei Bely and writer Vladimir Nabokov attributed to their vowel color. Consequently, following the logic of AP Zhuravlev, their works are "not perceived subconscious of most people."

      Thus, the theory of color symbolism sound can not explain the popularity and the emotional impact of the works of poets and writers, zvukotsvetovye associations are far from the "collective wisdom" of the respondents

      Zvukobukva by AP Zhuravlev for A. White for Nabokov
      A Deep-red White; "White flying open" Black; "Black and brown group: thick, without Gallic gloss"
      E Green Yellow-green; "Yellow green" Yellow-red; "yellow group: orangish"
      Yo Yellow-green - Red-brown; "Ocher"
      And Blue Blue; "Blue, height, sharpness, enthusiasm" White and yellow; "Light-yellow"
      Oh Light yellow or white Red-yellow; "Krasnooranzhevy About - body cavity and mouth" Brown and white; "Almond milk"
      Do Dark blue, blue-green or purple Red and blue; "At the sound connected with purple blue" Yellow; "Golden"
      S Dark brown or black - -
      E Greenish - White; "Swedish bread"
      Yu Bluish, lilac Red and blue; "" Purple Yu " Yellow-green; "Latunevoe"
      I Vermilion - Dark brown; "Dark brown, polished"

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