1. Какой закат у вас сегодня?

    • (Performed by Boris Berenfeld (BB) and Jan Zlochevskaya (Ya.Z.)

      Ya.Z. I bring to your attention the project "What is the sunset you have today?" All are photographed sunsets, because every single sunset in life, and if we missed it, you can be late for life as wisely noted storyteller Gennady Tsyferov ...

      BB And the point?

      Ya.Z. Well, firstly, it's beautiful ... And secondly, we will be able to see all the sunsets in one day. How else can the people of New York to see the sunset in Moscow if he at that time - the dawn?

      Here passes by CTO GlobalLab with a smartphone in hand and ready for a photo project about the sunsets in it ... Hearing this dialogue, he stops and says that he personally really like this project, here, he even made a new photo ...

      BB Perfect! I am very glad that you have found a project that excites emotionally involved, but do not you think that there are many other places in the network where we can create a gallery of beautiful pictures and discuss them? But we in fact laboratory ... So we have something to investigate. Do not feel sorry for typing so much fun stuff, do not try to find a pattern in it ?!

      Ya.Z. Of course, I'm sorry! I do not mind ... But what?

      BB Let's think ...

      We take a sunset color for a variable, because it is different, right? Think, what determines this variable? If we determine this parameter, the color of the sunset will be for us an indicator of something ...

      Ya.Z. I have no idea on what may depend on the color of the sunset ...

      BB And why are all the sunsets? You can look on Wikipedia, you can draw a physics teacher ... But in general, the reason is same, what is the cause and the blue of the sky. After all, we know that air is transparent, why is the sky blue? But the fact that the light - is scattered by water droplets in the air on dust particles ... When the sun is high, the more likely are blue rays and their effect of multiple scattering, creates the color of the sky. If the sun dips below the angle of incidence of the rays on the Earth's surface becomes smaller, and the next one begins to go red rays ... But why at this sunset red differently? Probably the scattering depends on the composition of air? What if a crimson sunset over your house - the reason emissions of soot particles from a nearby power plant?

      Ya.Z. It turns out that the color of the sunset, which tells us the project participant can witness polluted air in this place?

      BB I think so. Maybe we can even find out what the sunsets are different on different days of the week in the big city, depending on traffic that day, if we define the right questions.

      Ya.Z. So now, I have to ask the participants not only to place a photo of sunset, but also specify the color by selecting from the proposed scheme. Should definitely ask astronomical time when you took the picture, learn whether nearby source of large particles that pollute the air ... And it will give the result?

      BB Very simply, we have a sortable gallery, where we can select all the sunsets in one day, at the same astronomical time. And we have more data - the presence of air pollutants. So, watching the sunset in the range of contrast, we are looking for guidance in this questionnaire on air pollution in a given location. You can also ask the participants to shoot sunsets in the week and day of the week point, when suddenly the traffic more, and the color of the sunset is different? Now, this project can be called: "What determines the sunset?"

      I hope that in the end the project has not lost its aesthetic appeal, but also gained attractiveness research, analytical ... Now it is relevant not only to the teacher of fine arts, but also a teacher of physics. After all, the real inter-subject - the study of some object in the real context!

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