1. Классный руководитель - это классно! (Проект для учителей)

    • The system of work of the class teacher that enhance the quality of education in the classroom.

      Serious changes are taking place in all spheres of social life, changing time are different requirements for school pupils and teachers. However, the importance of the role of the classroom teacher is not reduced, and no matter how difficult was his work - it is necessary for children, as the main structural element in a school class.

      Today, the class teacher has three interrelated functions:

      - It organizes various activities in the classroom;

      - Provides for the development and health of the child;

      - Help students in solving problems.

      I consider it an important task and challenge to teach the student to "think well", to do well.

      "Education - a purposeful management of the development of the individual."

      Under the results of the educational process understand the changes that are taking place with the participants in the educational process and the relationship between them. Vzroslyyobyazatelno should supervise children's groups to teenagers had the opportunity to learn the true human values.

      Educational class system - a way of organizing life and education of the members of the class community, which is a complete and orderly collection of interacting components and contributing to the development of the individual and the collective.

      The purpose of the educational system in its class is the formation and disclosure of creative individuality of each child, the formation and development of key competencies, namely their educational performance: the ability to cooperate and participate in the work of the team, to search for, create, analyze and select information to be able to share it, convert and save.

      To realize this goal, you must perform the following tasks:

      -Explore needs, interests, aptitudes, and other personal characteristics of the students; agree on the objectives of education delivered me from the students own goals;

      -vospitat in children respect for themselves and others;

      -splotit children and form a team, the ability to live in a group, consider the opinion of the team;

      -vospitat respect for nature;

      - Create conditions for the intellectual, communicative, aesthetic and physical expression of the individual student.

      The key concepts that characterize the essence of the class are: individuality, independence, kindness, creativity, activity.

      The peculiarity of the classroom educational system is largely due to individual and group characteristics of students in the class in which it is created. So I, as an experienced classroom teacher, 25 years in his role (and as a newbie, who took new children -4y issue), it was necessary to see and understand the specific features of the classroom community, to determine the level of development of each student.

      The priority activity is the collective creative activity. Reliability of the results of creative activity of the positive cases is school, not the spectator, and dejatelnostnaja, accompanied by a greater or lesser extent a sense of collective authorship (we did not, arranged, conducted, and we decided we spent already).

      On the first day of our acquaintance with the help of games to create an emotional foundation of life the children's collective, established mutual contacts, communication, fix standards of conduct; It organized a sensible leisure.

      A person living in modern society, must adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of life, to independently acquire knowledge needed to solve specific problems, to be able to see the difficulties and find ways out of them, using modern technology, to be able to offer new ideas, think creatively. To solve problemon to be sociable, to be able to work in different social groups. It should be remembered that it should be an active citizen, and for that it should be a moral person, to work to improve their intellectual and cultural level. The effectiveness of adaptation depends on the development of communicative competence.

      Municipality. In my opinion the main thing - not governments, and activities aimed at improving the life of the collective. In this case, using the principle of freedom of choice: planning extracurricular activities, provides an opportunity to choose a job or business opportunities based on the student's interests, personal qualities ilipytayus convince and motivate students by showing them the appeal to do things that they succeed in the end result. I can dream up with them.

      Basic directions of educational work.

      Selecting areas of educational work in the classroom as a basis and in accordance with the results of the diagnosis, determine the level of development and the interests of students, to identify problems in their personal development and interpersonal relationships.

      We settled on four areas:

      "Intelligence" - the creation of conditions for the formation of learning motivation. Parenting desire to be educated and cultured person, able to realize their potential. Mental development, the development of thinking yavlyayutsyavazhnoy party in the development of personality of students. In this area, taking part in activities to stimulate intellectual development, expansion of general outlook and independence. Thinking man is characterized by an active search for connections and relations between different events, phenomena, things, objects.


      "Morality" - the personality, the development of moral values, develop their moral qualities, the ability to focus on the ideal to live according to the principles, norms and rules of morality. Promote respect for classmates who have attained good results by their own labor, the desire to be educated and cultured person, able to realize their potential, develop moral culture worldview; the formation of students' awareness of the importance of moral experience of the past and the future, and their role in it; Education kindness to parents, to the people around them, their peers; Education conscientious attitude to his duties to himself to public commissions. Before Labor

      Patriotic education of the younger generation has always been one of the most important tasks of the modern school, because childhood and youth - the most fertile time for instilling a sense of the sacred love for the country is the tireless work to build students' sense of pride in their country and their people, respect for his great achievements and worthy of the pages of the past.

      "Zdorovyyobrazzhizni" creation of conditions for the full physical development of pupils in the classroom and during extracurricular activities. The development of respect for people leading a healthy lifestyle, initiation of children to a healthy lifestyle, training konstruktivnymsposobam out of situations related to smoking. The task - to organize children's knowledge about the rules of safe behavior in everyday and extreme conditions, to form specific skills and behaviors in the society. Education conscious attitude to the preservation of their own health, the desire to implement the regime of the day, the interest and habit of regular exercise. The key to the success of this work may be a combination of a variety of content and form of activities that contribute to the development of children wit, imagination, erudition, the ability to reason logically and draw conclusions. Good physical health is achieved through an active lifestyle. Sports for creating this unique opportunity.

      All sports - mass work is to get students to the formation of the need for a healthy lifestyle. It is planned to continue to work in the conduct of sports events in the form of games. "Healthy Lifestyle" is defined as the physical, mental and social well-being. Therefore, the formation of health of the young person occurs during the educational process, using different types of activities, forms, methods and techniques.

      Definitely, without the participation of parents of students, all this work will be ineffective.

      And why special attention in their educational system, I'm paid to work with parents in order to form the communicative competence of students and parents, enriching family life emotional experiences, experience the culture of the child and parent interaction.

      Each time, going to a new class, I hope forward to meeting with the parents of my students. Will they be my assistants, like-minded? Only together with their parents, together we can ensure that the child opened his ability to love work, to know how to enjoy the beauty of the world, he knew how to love and be loved.

      "Rabotasroditelyami" - sposobstvuet formation in the family the most comfortable environment for personal growth and development of the child, the revival of family education. Involvement of parents in the upbringing and education of children in the school allows you to: expand the circle of friends of children with the adult world, to see that the teacher is not the only adult capable prepare children for independent living; convince children the example of their parents, held professionally and personally, in the importance of education in life; acquire knowledge in terms of their functional use in the home ivostrebovannosti to life; acquire knowledge in an interesting, Neskuchniy practice through the person I roditelya.Poetomu focus its efforts on cohesion of the team and his planned operation.

      Principles of activity of the parent team: § Education - this is life and close together. § In order to ensure that our children have grown so what we want to see them, you need to

      only themselves to become such. § A man needs to be needed. § Show me - I will remember. Let me do - I understand.

      Respect for the child of ignorance.

      The success of the children largely depends on the relationship of teacher with parents. I appreciate the confidence of parents and their desire to communicate with the teacher, she makes every effort to establish friendly and business relations. Frankness roditeleyo relationship problems in the family are pleased, and guard (if I can help my advice).

      My parents - partners in the education of the child, which means equality of the parties, mutual respect, interest in the success of the cooperation. support and assistance, patience and tolerance towards each other.

      Together with them, we manage the vital functions of a class, discuss the offer. To this end, meetings were needed: parent meetings, meetings of parent committees. We all know how difficult it is to gather parents in the middle and senior management. I have some parents to call. Then, he wrote in his diaries invitation. And one just had the idea: show prezentatsiyufotografy "from meeting to meeting." Interested. Attendance parents' meetings is high. Forms of parental involvement in the life of the class are varied and effective, they provide an opportunity to carry out informal networks of parents and teachers, it is a means of feedback, giving objective information about the class interests and needs of the family. Informal, free conversation, no less valuable and useful. There is formed a contact "Adult - Adult" regarding each participant communication.

      Parents assist in the accomplishment of the class, take part in sports competitions with the children.

      The parents of my students to get information about visiting school students, about the behavior of the student in the classroom, on the performance of the child in the case of problematic situations parents communicate with the teacher in person, on the status of the child is usually inform me how cool this semester rukovoditel.S make the connection via the Internet , are conducting a school electronic diary.

      The use of ICT in the work of the class teacher gives children the opportunity for reflection and participation in the creation of the event elements that contribute to the development of interest of pupils to the life of the class, the school. Traditional events, accompanied by multimedia presentations allow students to deepen the knowledge acquired earlier, as the English proverb, "I hear and forget, I see and remember."

      And in all work - stimulating human activities: promotion, which strengthens the positive skills and habits. The action is based on the initiation of the promotion of positive emotions. That is why it gives us confidence, creates a pleasant mood, increases the responsibility. I use in my praktikeodobrenie, encouragement, praise, gratitude.

      The principles of our work, as well as the rules of life in the team. The results of educational activities encouraging. The guys significantly develop leadership skills, ability to make decisions independently, demonstrating their personal abilities.

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