1. Компьютеры, телефоны и гаджеты: чем они вредны?

    • Conclusions I make on the project

      1) Of all the conclusions of participants about the benefits or harms of gadgets, most participants think that gadgets are harmful! And I agree with this!

      2) On the question: did you ask relatives that gadgets are harmful? Most relatives of participants think that gadgets are harmful to human health! And relatives correctly think.

      3) On the question: what gadgets do you have, in the first place the phone, on the second computer, on the third tablet and headphones. I also have all these gadgets that are listed in this list.

      4) On the question: how much do you use gadgets per day? Participants responded like this: that most participants use more than 5 times gadgets! It's even a lot personally in my opinion, because I use gadgets twice a day!

      From all this article I concluded: that without gadgets can not live more than one person on earth! Because every day he is called, at work computer bank card is the same, too, all gadget! But maybe there are people who can use gadgets every two days or even more!

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