1. Лесные ягоды

    • Berries northern, southern and eastern

      We could not in this project cover all berries worthy of attention - of course, there are many more listed ten. This included mainly berries central Russia, where they live most of our participants.

      Of northern berries unfairly bypassed our attention, most want to apologize to the cloudberry and raspberry. These wonderful delicious berries I had to try a few times in my life, and yet there are places where they grow in abundance ...

      Conditionally north can probably assume blueberry and crowberry - these berries are quite close to Moscow, in the Tver region, for example.

      From southern wild berries, to my shame, I remember only dogwood. But surely there is growing and many other tasty. Here's another goof remembered - it is also quite edible, although there are certainly better and berries (not nightshade, please!).

      Far from immediately come to mind Actinidia and lemongrass. Now they are growing in many gardens, so well known. But I think the locals know a lot of different delicious berries.

      Please write about the unjustly neglected in the comments!

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