1. Lessons in the museum

    • In Greek hall

      or advice to the visitors of museums.

      In the museum, the art gallery need to behave quietly, so as not to disturb other visitors to enjoy the arts. Should not come close to the exhibits, touch their hands and take pictures with flash, because museum exhibits, usually many years and we must be careful not to harm them. Rules of conduct in museums invented to paintings and other objects of the there, preserved as long as possible.

      Do not rush to express their opinions loudly. Maybe it's not all fun. Just go to his companions and show what you paid attention, quietly and effectively share their impressions, tell us that like it or not.

      Tip: buy after going to a museum or an exhibition, or a set of postcards with reproductions Avenue and at home, in a quiet environment, you can find all the answers or tell those who have not been to the museum, about what he saw. After some time looking at this avenue you will remember his march to the museum.

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