1. Может он все же существует?

    • Is there a Santa Claus really?

      After analyzing the results of the proposed project in my studies came to the following conclusions:

      - As expected, my project is interested in children aged 6 to 13 years;

      - I put forward the hypothesis was confirmed by the study (only 20% of the project participants do not believe "a miracle", 65% - believe in the existence of Santa Claus, and 15% of participants are in doubt;

      - Some participants expressed interesting thoughts about the frost;

      Unfortunately, work on the project, I could not expect the students to independent thinking activity, search and analysis of the material, which, in my opinion, is a research activity, formation of skills of independent work.

      but age-appropriate project participants, they simply do not possess the skills of the work.

      However, after analyzing the results of other projects, we can conclude that the majority of projects GlobalLab prefer projects that are not supposed to, such activities. In other words - go to the questionnaire and just answer the questions, and at best, upload a picture or photo.

      This is probably not a lack of participants, and a reason to sponsors, we teachers, think and decide - what we want to achieve from the participants: fill out the questionnaire, the number of participants in the project or organization of independent research with various sources of information to get the result. What are all the same contributes to the formation of competencies of participants GlobalLab?

      And, of course, as the saying goes "road spoon for dinner." This project should have been done much earlier and therefore to publish before.

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