1. Наш друг Александр Сергеевич

    • Pushkin as a carrier of the cultural code of the nation

      What is it - the identification code of the mysterious Russian soul, so hard comprehensible foreigners? Without which it is unthinkable "national country code"?

      Mysterious Russian character, which for centuries was forged in heavy fighting and accomplishments, is now kept in the heart of every Russian man as a unique code?

      Alexander Pushkin and his legacy - an integral part of the cultural code of the nation. No coincidence that the two centuries say the secret code of Pushkin, his coded messages descendants, comparable only with messages Nostrdamusa.

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    • Pushkin Russia Day

      Pushkin Day is celebrated every year in Russia. State status poet's birthday was in 1997 by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation "On the 200th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Pushkin and Pushkin establishment of the day Russia. "

      And in 2011 the Russian president signed a decree on June 6, the annual celebration of the Day of the Russian language. The document states that this memorable date was set "in order to maintain, support and development of the Russian language as the national heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation, a means of international communication, and an integral part of the cultural and spiritual heritage of world civilization."

      Literary works of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin accompanies us throughout life. His works unite people of all ages, religions, nationalities, translated into dozens of languages. Alexander Pushkin is often called the founder of modern Russian literary language. No matter how difficult it was to work for the translation, the poet has his admirers in almost all corners of our planet. With its tales we begin to learn, have not yet learned to read. We know almost by heart many of his works, and even in everyday life often quote it.

      Alexander is the most beloved and revered poets of the younger generation, confirming the wisdom of the people that it was all for us Pushkin willing to say or have said.

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