1. Нашествие саранчи

    • Oh, it is locusts.

      "Locusts came and covered the earth, and it was scary to watch, she walked in the northern countries, eating the grass and millet." This recording was made in the Kyiv chronicles the end of XI century. Even then, the locusts in Russia gained the nickname of "the scourge of God." And from the cultural monuments of the ancient East, we know that locusts terrified the farmers even for 3000 years BC Bremen "Life of Animals" gives an example: in 1790 the ship for as long as 33 hours sailing in the Red Sea in space, dotted with floating locusts apparently upraised to the wind. A flock of locusts, numbering more insects than the entire population of the Earth, capable in a few minutes to destroy vast areas of crops.

      Locust plagues do not occur every year and everywhere. Residents of areas subject to periodic "raids" even provides "locust years."

      And what it was in 2015. On September 15, 2015 I reviewed the 14 profiles of participants. It turned out that the locusts seen in Nizhny Novgorod, Stavropol, Novocherkask in Kalmykia, Petrozavodsk and Astrakhan. The largest number of applications were from Astrakhan and participants noted that the region had a huge number of locusts. Locusts seen in Astrakhan in the period from 23.06 on the 08.21.2015 in the different districts of the region. I decided to do this project when he saw a huge number of locusts in the Volga region of Astrakhan region, locusts flew July 31 6:00, August 1 to poison her, and already August 2 locusts seen in Astrakhan in small quantities.

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