1. Новое – хорошо переделанное старое

    • Competition: "New life of old things"

      Old or boring thing may be thrown out. And you can - to give them a new life, to figure out how they can still be used to alter.

      Trendy bag from old jeans, a vase of bottles of soda, watch from an old dish - just a few of the things that can boast craftsmen!
      Global Lab announces a new contest - share our idea and demonstrate their talents! The winners will receive a monthly subscription rate of "Individual".

      And you can win one of three categories:

      1. "The new thing with your own hands": make a new thing from the old and fill in the questionnaire of the project, describe the process steps required to manufacture it.
      In order for us to be sure that the work belongs precisely to you, you can place a piece of paper next to the thing with your nickname, and so on GlobalLab photographed. If you do not, we still check out photos and find out if she had not met on other sites. Let's be honest with each other :)

      2. "The idea of ​​remaking": you have superideya how to convert the old thing and get something very interesting and useful, but lack the time or materials to realize it?
      It does not matter, write down a step by step process of manufacturing directly in this thread! We will evaluate, and someone may implement.

      3. "Implementation of received ideas": like someone's idea and want to implement it? Take Action! And then be sure to fill in the questionnaire of the project, referring to the author of the idea in the "Write a short story about his alteration."
      The best option that will appeal to both us and the author of the initial ideas, we will reward your subscription.

      The contest will run from 29 June to 13 July. The names of the winners we will declare July 17.

      Good luck!

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