1. Один день из жизни...

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      So, for 17 people participated in our project!

      Children have told how they spend their day, from morning till evening. It turned out that the days of schoolchildren alike.

      All were early birds - rise at 7 am, or even earlier!

      It was interesting to look at the lessons the children after school - goes to visit someone, and someone sits on the internet or idling ... But there were also workaholics - 16% of the guys doing the lessons for the next week! It is commendable that say :)

      Again I remind you that can fill out a questionnaire and sarshy brother or sister, even if they are older. Just unsubscribe in the comments would be great to compare the differences in the daily routine of people living under one roof :)

      Invite your friends, classmates and friends! The more people, the more fun!

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