1. Памятники женщине

    • Heroines monument - close-up!

      The questionnaire is difficult to tell in detail about the amazing women to which they relate. But it can be done in the blog!

      Offered here to place stories about women that you have devoted their research.

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    • Immortal poems dedicated to women - also monuments for centuries!

      Michael Isakovsky

      Yes ... did you tell about it

      In what years you lived!

      What immense severity

      On women's shoulders lay! ..

      That morning farewell to thee

      Your husband, or brother, or son,

      And you with his fate

      Left alone.

      One on one with tears,

      With uncompressed field breads

      You met this war.

      And - without end and without the account -

      Sorrow, toil and care

      Fell on you one.

      One of you - willy-nilly -

      And it is necessary to keep up everywhere;

      One you both at home and in the field,

      One of you cry and sing.

      And all the clouds hanging below

      A thunder rumbling ever closer,

      Increasingly bad news.

      And before you with all Countries

      And before you battle with all

      Say - what you are.

      You went with bated his grief,

      By harsh labor.

      The entire front that from sea to sea,

      You fed her bread.

      In the cold of winter, in a snowstorm,

      At the same features at a distant

      Soldiers warmed greatcoat

      What you sewed carefully.

      Throw in the din, the smoke

      Soviet soldiers in the battle,

      And collapsed accursed stronghold

      From bombs containing you.

      For all you took without fear.

      And, as in the saying what,

      Were you and spinner and tkahoy,

      Know how - and saw the needle.

      Ax, drove, copal -

      But is all perechtesh?

      And in the letters to the front assured

      What if used perfectly live.

      Soldiers read your letters,

      And there, on the front edge,

      They well understood

      Your holy lie.

      And a warrior going into battle

      And ready to meet her,

      How oath whispered like a prayer,

      Distant thy name ...

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