1. Первая капель

    • Yamal is spring!

      In late February - early March 2015 there was widespread warming. Daytime temperatures in our town kept in the range -5-3, and the second of March rose to nearly 0. The sun hid in a haze of clouds. And from the roof and window sills Children's Creativity Center dripped first drops.

      Nothing that has become cold again and lie everywhere meter drifts (and even on the roofs of some houses) - a feeling that spring is near !!!

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    • Icicles in the surrounding urban environment

      Today in Moscow again frosty sunny day and drops from the roof. As the situation is very similar to yesterday, and new places I have not seen that instead of filling the questionnaire, I photographed for the blog expressive icicles on the roof of the temple.

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    • How to grow icicles

      Recently in the journal "Elementary School" (№11, 2000) has got an interesting story Kirov writer Vladimir Morozov Igorevicha "How to grow icicles."

      Read it with the children!


      How to grow icicles

      March is often called unstable.

      Prigreet afternoon sun. Puddles on the roads shine, murmuring brooks, shimmer, chattering excitedly drops.

      At night, grab frost. Skuёt puddles perevёt rope stream namorozit icicles.

      So here you go, you do not notice, and one morning you see drainpipe, hung with icicles smoky, and wonder: "How did it happen?"

      And here is how.

      In the afternoon in the sun hot. Though light. Runs rushing drops, tears pouring flammable winter.

      By the evening gets colder.

      Melt oblique sunbeam snowflake, turning it into a drop. Rolling drop the roof and cools. From the roof of icicles and icicle down. Roll down to the very sosulkin nose, only to break loose and pliable tuknut in the snow, but not a bit of it.

      While rolled down - cool, but just wanted to break away - just froze.

      So icicles grow in length.

      Falls below the sun, its rays are weaker warm. All lazier run drops. All above freezing them. Farther and farther away from sosulkinogo nose.

      So icicles grow in thickness.

      Because they tubercles-sag. Each mound - a frozen lurking for a while, live and cheerful kapelinka.

      Night zaledenit drip chimes, grabbed snow flooring. Open the way to the farthest corners and blind.

      Morning rise in the frosty haze. But just prigreet as sputter again starts dripping, icicles begin to grow again.

      Only now the opposite. A first thickness and then lengthwise. And closer to the dinner and start to cry.

      So all sosulkinu life. Morning and evening-growing fatter, and in the afternoon crying-thin.

      The longer days, the hot sun, the longer crying drippings icicle. Stronger thinner, thinner.

      While not all isplachetsya.


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    • The first spring drops

      There is a saying:

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