1. pH и температура

    • Practical work in the 8th grade

      Many thanks to the author for an interesting research project!

      Work on the project was carried out in 8 th grade MBOU Lyceum №1 g.Tsimlyanska Rostov region in the study of the topic "theory of electrolytic dissociation."

      Students were asked to establish the relationship between the value of the solution acidity and temperature. Before performing work guys have expressed a variety of versions, trying to justify their point of view on the basis of existing knowledge. However, no consensus has been formed, so all attention was focused on the measurement results.

      The children worked in groups, studying the effect of temperature on the pH of the different solutions: citric acid, soda and distilled water.

      Lowering and raising the temperature of solutions we have achieved using the available opportunities in the study of chemistry: Hot water and cold running water. The temperature of the solution was measured with temperature sensors.

      The results obtained in each group participants made out on the board:

      Based on these data, students were able to conclude the degree of dissociation enhancing agents, and therefore the acidity of the solution with increasing temperature.

      Complex has become a matter of interpretation of the results with a soda solution. For 8th grade it is natural, because the guys still have not studied the topic "hydrolysis". But the guys pay attention to the different classes of substances (soda - this substance class of salts) and speculated about the course of additional processes in the solution.

      As a result it can be concluded that, if done in this work class 8, then it is possible to take the study only acid solutions. If you carry out the work in the 9th grade, we can rely on the knowledge of the topic "hydrolysis".

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