1. Приметы весны: цветёт черёмуха

    • Prunus - is not only fragrant flowers and delicious berries ...

      Wild cherry wood master drevodely long used for different works as a valuable ornamental material. Wild cherry wood is heavy, strong, dense and flexible, well takes mordant and evenly colored. After polishing and burnishing easily gets intense vitreous luster. In older trees wood eventually becomes red-brown. When processing raw wood felt peculiar almond smell (like a mountain ash wood). Well dried wood does not warp or crack. Due to its uniformity, it is cut perfectly in all directions.

      Cheremukha enjoys an excellent reputation among joiners, turners and carvers. Especially good for its wood carvings with a thin and volume of small parts. One old Walke relating to the last century, cutter knife made this inscription: "1846 July 1 day affairs (al) Matthew settlers on a ship in a large cooperative in the rainy season. Wood Cheremuhovo rubles to Vologda. " The inscription master faithfully pointed out the place and time of manufacture round whitefish. This testifies to the importance that the master gave wood cherry, is considered the best for this kind of products. After outrigger, which threshed linen rinse had to withstand a variety of pressures at work. Hence, the tree should be heavy, durable, does not afraid of humidity, no crack, no warp and smudge underwear. Of course, paddles made of wood often other trees, such as aspen and birch, wild cherry wood but was considered for this purpose the best.

      Reached us and earlier samples of objects made of wood carvers from Cheremuhovo. During the excavations of ancient Novgorod was found carved finial made of wild cherry.

      Wild cherry wood is very flexible. Thick bars Bocharov used for the manufacture of hoops to cooperage dishes. Thinner bars went on weaving baskets beautiful and durable. Siberians of bird cherry twigs weave roomy body sled.

      Source: GY Fedotov. The magical world of wood, 1987

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    • Poems about bird cherry

      - Cherry, cherries,

      You're worth daylight?

      - For the holiday of spring,

      For May blossomed.

      - And you, grass-Muravushka,

      What steleshsya soft?

      - For the holiday of spring,

      For a day or May.

      - And you, birch thin

      What are green now?

      - For a holiday for a holiday!

      For May! For spring!

      (Elena Blaginina)

      Bird cherry scented
      With spring blossomed
      And golden branches,
      That curls curled.
      And brush satin
      Under the pearls of dew
      Burn like earrings clear
      Do girls-beauty.
      And next, we protalinki,
      In the grass between the stones,
      Runs small streams
      Silver creek.


      Flowering cherries in Umraniye,
      I certainly know how to bloom,
      - That look, injure the heart,
      Fences yes hut sweep,

      Betrothed all unmarried
      Ozhenihaet guys all!
      Oh, who's there before dawn turns?
      Ah, whose laughter is heard on the logs?

      No wonder now each artist
      Told me, almost on the run,
      That the city can not sit,
      Flies to the bird cherry in the taiga!

      I followed suit for you, my friend,
      With a notebook clean, light!
      Let us now wife looking
      We - the bird cherry in the forest!

      White, snow! But it does not melt,
      A performs magic.
      We can, now lacking
      Only the color of the vernal.

      Forget the old bad weather,
      Triumph it is not given.
      Soul wide open for happiness,
      As for wild cherry - box ...

      (Vladimir Makarov)

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