1. Проверяем народные приметы

    • Is it possible to clarify the signs, which are going to check?

      There is a national sign, if used alder birch leaf dissolve, the summer will be wet, and if used birch alder - dry. Looks very luck-based, because the alder tree that likes to grow on moist sites.

      That year, I'm trying to test this omen, but with birch trees in the city do not have problems, but the alder does not meet every lawn. In my area of ​​the capital city, more precisely in the neighborhood, I can get around in a couple of hours, so I can really study, three wood alder grow at two points. But my area is located on the outskirts of Moscow, near the Moskva River, which means that we have the natural areas little affected by human influence, including where there are real olshanniki.

      This spring, one of the growth points of alder in a housing estate, I took control. Here are some photos I made April 15, 2016.

      This bud of alder, which is still in a state of rest.

      This escape birch buds on which the hatch, and is about to unfold first leaves.

      I immediately suggested that we are waiting for the dry and hot summer, but decided not to hurry with forecasts, because we can not exclude that the birch beginning to dissolve kidney before, and but alder, as soon as they open, be deployed in the leaves so fast that still overtake birch.

      Then on April 18, I went for a walk on the river ...

      And there were made such photos.

      This kidney birch, which is barely beginning to swell.

      This hatched kidney alder.

      It turns out that in the biotope, which is more suitable birch - for dry locations - birch beginning to bloom earlier, and in damp places leads alder.

      And how to draw conclusions from these results?

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    • А можно ли вообще проверить примету?

      Мы выбрали из проекта «Календарь народных примет» примету, о которой рассказал Артур из Астрахани.

      «22 ноября - Матренин день. Если в этот день ляжет иней, нужно ожидать скорых холодов, если с утра туман - будет теплая погода. Но даже если на Матренин день все предвещает тепло, на Федора-студита (24 ноября) ждали метелей и зимней стужи.»

      О том, как мы её проверяли написано в Дневнике исследователя вышеупомянутого проекта.

      И получается у нас, что невозможно сделать точный вывод, верна ли примета, потому что снег неделю полежал, потом растаял, потом опять выпал...

      Предлагаем участникам проекта поделиться своими наблюдениями и высказать своё мнение, так могли ли мы считать примету подтверждённой или теперь следует заявить о её опровержении, что называется постфактум. Давайте общаться в комментариях здесь или во втором проекте о приметах по ссылке на блог выше!

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    • A large-scale test will take ...

      And if someone really liking a certain sign, then it is possible to check a separate project.

      For example, students in Moscow for three years check whether cherry leaf snow to lie down on the ground interfere. Interestingly, most versions of "I can not say the study is not yet completed." Apparently, the first all enthusiastically run to photograph the cherry, and the end of November overlooked, followed by ...

      If you have a cherry close, then welcome to the project "Cherry leaf and snow." And if not, then create your favorite designs on the signs!

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    • When the forecast comes true ...

      We were able to check out the first national signs. It says that we should not wait for snow cover, unless opal sheet with cherries.

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    • Let's discuss a popular sign - "By cooling: cat curls up into a ball and closes the nose with his paw"

      Most of us have a cat at home. But, the fact that the cat can be called a real forecaster, some do not know. We offer watch home favorite and a favorite or check out this sign.

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