1. Психологическая поддержка в школе

    • Parents' attitudes to psychological support at school

      Interesting to consider and examine the relation of parents to psychological support at school.

      Sots.opros (parents)
      project in psychology
      "Support for the life of the modern student"
      1.Podderzhka - it

      2.Schitaete Do you think that your child is getting enough attention (in general)?

      3.Okazyvayut whether support high school teachers?

      4.Okazyvayut whether support classmates?

      5.Nuzhna whether to support your child in school?

      6.How to support a child you think necessary (sufficient) for the child?

      Thank you for your participation

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    • Definition of psychological support

      The concept of psychological support in the school is rooted in humanistic psychology, in the work of Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, a humanistic pedagogy Sh Amonashvili [1,2,4].

      For example, Rogers says that to become a "full-fledged personality," the most people reach their full potential can only be the case if it is in suitable conditions, conditions of psychological support. To achieve these conditions requires not so much for a sense of psychological comfort a person needs.

      There are three conditions that form such a climate, providing growth and development, supporting the relationship - whether it is about the relationship between therapist and client, parent and child, and the leader of the group, a teacher and a student leader and subordinates. In actuality, these conditions are applicable to any situation in which the objective is to develop human. ...

      The first element - it's authenticity, sincerity, or congruence. The more the teacher is himself in relation to the student, the less he is separated from his professional student or personal facade, the more likely that the student will change and will move in a constructive way. Authenticity means that the teacher was living openly the feelings and attitudes that are taking place at the moment.

      The second important setting for the creation of a climate conducive to change, allow the child to maximize their talents and abilities, is the adoption, care or recognition - unconditional positive acceptance. When a teacher feels positive, not condemning, the host plant in relation to the student without regard to who that student is at the moment, a student easier and faster moves along its academic route. This unselfish concern. When a teacher recognizes the student holistically and not conditionally, progress is more likely.

      The third facilitative aspect ratio - empathic understanding. This means that the teacher accurately perceive feelings, personal meanings, experienced student, and communicates this understanding of customer perceived. In the ideal case, the teacher is so deeply penetrates into the inner world of the other, that might help to clarify not only the meanings that he is aware of, but even those that are just below the level of awareness. This is a very specific, active kind of hearing - one of the most powerful forces known to me, providing a change. " [2,3]

      That is almost an ideal picture of supportive relationships in understanding K.Rozhdersa.

      The introduction of the second generation of GEF suggests that learning for each student to become more individual, psychologically comfortable and supportive. This means that the concept of psychological support becomes especially important moment.

      Objective of our study was to investigate the notion of support in the minds of students and teachers, as well as ways to implement supportive action.

      The starting point of our study was the linguistic analysis of the word "support". To do this, we used the dictionary definition dictionaries.

      Support, encouragement, then. 1 unit only. Action vb. support-support. Supporting the candidature. Support for upcoming artillery fire. || Aid and assistance. The Russian proletariat had help and support the people of Russia in their release. Material support. Moral support. Whose use-n. support. || Approval. Proposal was supported by all. 2 Support for someone sth. Support for the vase. And without it, they heard, clumsy, now rib is lacking to support looking for a husband. Griboyedov. Dictionary ed. DS Ushakov.

      SUPPORT, s, zh.1.sm. maintain. 2 Assistance assistance. N friendly. Provide support s.o.. Dictionary under. Ed. SI Ozhegova

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