1. рН воды: пресные водоёмы

    • Work on the project in the Summer School of Chemistry

      Students in grades 8 MBOU Lyceum №1 g.Tsimlyanska Rostov region in June 2015 took part in the summer school of chemistry.

      The program of work includes the project "pH of water: fresh water." Our high school is located ten minutes walk from the shore Tsimlyansk reservoir, which is an artificial reservoir on the river Don. The reservoir was created in 1951 for the organization of the hydroelectric power plant.

      In the hot season (July-August), there is a process of "blooming" of water due to rapid reproduction of blue-green algae. The state of the reservoir is being monitored continually by employees "Water Management Tsimlyansk reservoir." We visited this enterprise and got acquainted with the methods of studying the chemical composition of natural waters (photo)

      To work on the project "The pH of water: fresh water," we took a sample of water in the reservoir at different times (three samples). PH measurement was carried out in the school laboratory using a digital pH sensor.

      Measurements have shown that the water level in the reservoir has a pH of from 8.3 to 9.5, which corresponds to a weakly alkaline medium. During the day, the pH value increases slightly, which is due, we believe, with the reduction of carbon dioxide in the water by the process of photosynthesis.

      Such analysis pH, we plan to do in the different periods of the year: August, October, December, February, April. Discussion of the results we plan to spend a year at a meeting with the staff of "Water Management Tsimlyansk reservoir."

      We invite you to join the work on the project all those who live next to any fresh waters. The more we collect the data together, the richer will be our project of fresh water in Russia.

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