1. Russian matryoshka doll

    • Giant matreshki c Parizhe

      At the Grand Palais in Paris in 2010 opened the Russian national insert, designed to demonstrate France Russian technological innovation. But the highlight of the exhibition were not technical achievements, and 16 giant matryoshka dance. In Paris, the exhibition was held from matryoshka roaring success: high interest of visitors and a lot of positive reviews, and art critics.

      Height installations ranges from 6 to 13 meters. Project author - artist, designer, producer and designer, an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts Boris Krasnov.

      Copyright matryoshka: Of course, is a way to say "welcome". It would be foolish to bring the usual dolls, it was necessary to put such nesting dolls, which never happened. I'm sure they will like both adults and children.

      These giant puppets are a link between Russia yesterday and today's Russia, they do the tribute to the artisans of the country. Each doll is made in one of the styles of Russian folk art: Khokhlomskaya, Gorodetskaya Mezenskaya and painting; North weaving the birch; art of lacquer painting - Fedoskino Mstera Kholui and Palekh; decorative painting and Zhostovo Dymkovo toys; Gzhel and Vologda lace.

      Then almost two years the exhibition has moved to Moscow on the top floor of shopping center "Afimoll City."

      According to the Russian newspaper http://www.rg.ru/2010/06/15/vistavka.html

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