1. «Шиповник, милый вестник лета...»

    • Flowering continues!

      Dear participants!

      In our project, it turned out that the timing of flowering very hips vary widely - so great is our country. First questionnaires were received on May 22. And here in early July - new wave - started blooming in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

      Amazing, right?

      In Central Briar band already boasts ripening fruit, and in the north bloom just begun.

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    • Try to guess ...

      "Try to guess who the five brothers: Two bearded, two - beards, and the last, fifth, looks ugly: only the right beard, the left does not have a trace."

      This ancient riddle, translated from Latin, in my opinion, is very interesting to biologists Zinger and specifically addresses the theme of the project. Guessed?

      What other biologically valuable riddles you know?

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    • Rosehips as a source of inspiration

      Yury Lores, Andrei Voznesensky, Vadim Shefner, Robert Burns, Andrei Tarkovsky and Anna Akhmatova.

      What unites these poets from different countries and eras?

      True poems about the wild rose. Rosehip in them becomes a symbol, personification very different events and phenomena. Poetic image hips often carries distinct and readable for nerds systematic features, aspects of ecology.

      And what about the wild rose poems dear to your heart?

      And that your subconscious biological reading between lines of poetry?

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    • Rosehip - a plant of the legends

      Among the Russian people about the wild rose were a lot of legends and superstitions. According to one of them, expelled from heaven, Satan decided to climb back rosehip bushes as the stairs. But miraculously at this point branches bristling with thorns, without giving exile carry out his plan. Since then clings Briar their spikes for everyone who gets too close.

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