1. Скорость роста листьев деревьев и кустарников

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    • We discuss the overall result of the project

      Dear colleagues!

      By June 6, we have data on the growth of linden, lilac and oak. Lime in two points, a lilac in three points, the oak is so far alone.

      I rebuilt one of the graphs in the results sections to see the average leaf growth rate in the graphical display. Now I think that we need to add such a widget permanently.

      When we look at the graph on the GlobalLab site, we can see which point belongs to which of the participants in the project, for the blog, I labeled them all. 1 - a linden from Moscow, 2 - a linden from Astrakhan. 3 - Lilac from Arcadaka, 4 - Moscow, 5 - Astrakhan. 6 - Oak from Moscow.

      We see two very prominent points. The lilac in Arcadak grew rather slowly, and the lime tree in Astrakhan, on the contrary, was terribly fast. In addition, it is clear that in each group of results in warm Astrakhan, growth is faster.

      But at the same time, we see that the linden, lilac and oak are grouped together, suggesting that we have found some average growth rate of plants - 1-2 square centimeters per day.

      For more accurate results, we need to continue the research and it is desirable to involve new participants and study new trees.

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    • Lilac: Astrakhan, Arcadak, Moscow

      Dear friends!

      Compare the Moscow lilac for two years was very difficult. Suffice it to say that last year my lilac grew in 20 days , and in 2017 it took all 30 days . Both years the end of growth of leaves has come at the time of flowering. In the past year, flowering has just begun, and in this - is nearing the end. In this case, the leaves that this year seem to me small, have an average area of ​​33.34 square centimeters, and last year, it turns out, my lilac only up to 16.96 square centimeters has grown. This result is closer to the result of Daniil Pronchenkov , which surprised me so much , in which the average area of ​​lilac leaves this year is 12.3 square centimeters.

      In warm Astrakhan, the lilac grew large , the average leaf area - 38.85 cm. And it reached this size in 24 days, in Arcadak the development went faster - 18 days.

      Look at what an interesting lilac development chart we get. From left to right Astrakhan, Arcadak, Moscow (results of two years). The spread is quite large. Between Astrakhan and Arcadak 6 days. If to compare with my last spring, then Arkadak passed us 2 days, and Astrakhan, surprisingly, fell behind for 4 days. But last spring we had a warm and friendly.

      Now if you look at the average speed, which means how many square centimeters the sheet added in one day. In Arkadak this is 0.33, in Astrakhan - 1.47, and in Moscow - 1.04. I would say that the results in Moscow and Astrakhan are quite comparable. But the lilac in the Arcadak grew slowly.

      What do you think?

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    • First result for two years

      Dear colleagues!

      My first two trees have grown to the usual size. Rather, one is linden, but two different types. I calculated the area of ​​the leaves for small-leafed lime-trees first of all, because the second kind of lime tree I investigated the first year to find common ground with Astrakhan.

      Here is a questionnaire for linden trees for the year 2017 , but the data for the linden for 2016 .

      The first thing that catches your eye is the fact that in both years the average area of ​​the linden leaf turned out to be 47 square centimeters, that is, the leaves of each tree have a certain average leaf size. And this value inspires respect and makes you think about the greatness of nature. In this seemingly small sheet of 47 squares of a centimeter. The total area of ​​all the leaves of the crown should be even more impressive. But the growth rate turned out to be completely different, because last spring was much warmer and the linden grew in 15 days, and this spring it took 25 days to reach the same size of the sheet. So every day the gain was smaller: in 2016 for each day was added at 2.64 square centimeters, and this year only for 1.63 square centimeters. In Astrakhan, the linden has completed the growth of leaves for 19 days , which is closer to my results of the past (warmer year). But the leaves themselves are much larger, because Ivan researched the lime-tree European, and I - the lime-tree.

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    • I'm preparing to compare the results for two years

      Spring of 2017, the second year of the project.

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